PUBG Mobile Lite: sensitivity settings

Pubg Mobile Lite Best Sensitivity for android device and the sensitivity great for Low end device. PUBG Lite No Gyroscope Sensitivity

Lau Wan Gaming; Sensitivity, PUBG Lite ID -Lau Wan Gaming Config User?
Pubg lite sensitivity settings + no recoil 2021


PUBG Mobile Lite sensitivity settings
PUBG Mobile Lite: sensitivity settings



sensitivity settings for pubg mobile lite
Camera Sensitivity



Pubg mobile lite Sensitivity setting
Camera sensitivity (free look )
How much the camera sensitivity character has to be turned around and how much speed is there, so camera sensitivity comes in handy and when descending from pairashuit with pairashuit sensitivity eye button, we can see all around this speed.


Camera Settings
Camera Sensitivity
Camera Settings
No scope : 105%
Red Dot : 65%
2× Scope : 30%
3× Scope : 22%
4× Scope : 17%
6× Scope : 13%
8× : Scope : 9%
In order to control the Pubg Mobile lite well, to make your skill good, sensitivity will have to do good so that you will be able to improve the skill of your Punh mobile lite Sensitivity.



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Aim Down sight ( ADS )

Aim Down sight ( ADS )
No scope: 115%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 55%
2x Scope: 35%
3x Scope: 20%
4x Scope, VSS: 16%
6x Scope: 14%
8x Scope: 12%

Aim Down sight (ADS ) It is very good and helpful in targeting Sensitivity of pubg Mobile lite to move the crosshair around and it helps to target your Moment or running enemy.

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Pubg Mobile lite sensitivity with playing is very matter. If your playing skill is not right, then these settings must be applied.

Pubg mobile lite sensitivity Controlled, if you do the pubg mobile lite properly then you will be able to control the pubg mobile lite very well.


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