Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass


 Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 

There are many players among you who must have bought the Pubg mobile lite Winner pass and also collected all the items received from the Winner pass by compiling the pubg mobile lite Winner pass mission and collecting them.
So some of you may know what the Pubg mobile lite winner Pass is and if nothing else, today I would also tell you about it.


What is Winner’s pass?
Winner Pass is a collection in pubg mobile lite that you have to pay 280 to buy.  It is procured in two ways one purchases 280 B.C.  There is another 800 Bc.


The pubg mobile lite winner pass consists of 1 to 30 match missions in which you get points to complete the mission.  From those points, you can increase the level of WP ie Winner Pass and it is incremented and there is a 100-point requirement for a WP.

2 Type of WP ( Winner pass )

Elite Upgraded Plus –

  • Unlock up to 100 Ranked through Ranking Up
  • Unlocked Elite Missions
  • Bonus plane & Vehicles
  • Exclusive Customer
Elite Upgraded –
  • Unlock up to 100 Ranked through Ranking Up
  • Unlocked Elite Missions


Winner pass purchased benefits?
More benefits of pubg mobile lite winner pass
  • Exclusive item –
  • Outfit
  • Gun Skin
  • Vehicle Skin
  • Plane skin
  • Helmet skin
  • Return of purchased Bc Coin
How To purchase Winner pass?
To buy a pubg mobile lite winner pass, first, you need to have 280 BC in your pubg mobile lite account so that you can buy winner pass. To buy a winner pass.
  • first of all, you have to go to the lobby of your game.
  •  After entering the lobby you will see the option of WP.
  • By clicking on the option of WP.
  •  you can purchase a 280 bc pubg mobile lite winner pass.

Which best winner pass?

  • E Lite Plus ( Winner pass ) – 800 BC
  • E Lite ( Winner pass ) – 280 BC
According to me, you should take 280 Bc  Elite pass because it is better than Elite pass Plus and it becomes better in BC less than that.

How do Get a free winner pass?

If you buy a Winner pass once in pubg mobile lite, you will be able to buy your next Winner pass absolutely free because when you purchase the first Winner pass, after completing the mission of your Winner pass, you will get 35 BC & 50 BC in this way.
Collected in different forms and 280 BC is returned to you, you can purchase your Winner pass and take all winner pass passes for free in the same way.
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