Cristiano Ronaldo’s Chrono character in Free Fire: release date, character set, ability, and more

Crono character is finnally coming. There can be a lot of fame because the way there was Dj alok and chrono character earlier, if it comes in the Free fire, then its famous can increase.

Realese date of crono character

Crono character will be launched on 19 December. You got exactly the same in your Free Fire on december 19 at 1:00 pm.

Chrono character in Free fire

chrono character in free fire ability

In addition, movement speed increases by 15%, and allies within the field also receive a 10% buffer in movement speed.

The effect lasts four seconds, and Colddown is 50 seconds. At the highest level, movement speed increased by 30%, while allies in the field received a 15% increase in movement speed.

All these effects last for nine seconds, and Colddown subsides by the 40s. Like every other character, it has a unique in-game set, as shown in the picture below. It is called the Cosmic Bounty Hunter Set.

How to get Chrono character in free fire

Maybe this chrono character can be given at approx 599 diamonds in the beginning. But let me tell you. If its famous increased. Am I not lucky on this or will you put a score in some other future so that you will be able to take it easily crono character ?

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chrono character in free fire

You will get to see it in a create or lucky spin in the game, from where you can easily purchase it or you can see it in any event in free fire.

Crono character Skill

The skill of Chrono character is also going to be very good. I think it would be better than other characters skill in free fire.


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