How To Get Free Fire dj alok 2021 : Free Fire dj alok

The player playing in Free Fire wants me to have a good looking character too, and taking free fire dj alok character makes the player feel like a pro.

free fire dj alok

To buy dj alok you have to open the game and keep in mind that you should have 599 demonds from which you can purchase it and if you want to buy it for free you can still unlock it.

Free fire dj alok

How To Get Free Fire dj alok 2021

Follow these steps to get Dj Alok –
  1. Be the first to open your game.
  2. Click on the character option on the left side.
  3. Then your character will open there and click on change.
  4. Select DJ Alok which will be locked now.
  5. Then click on obtain and purchase dj alok.

dj alok’s specialty

  • Alok is a world famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.
  • Create a 5m aura that increase ally movement speed by 10%
  • Restore 5 HP/s For 5s. Cannot be stacked

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How To Get Free Dj Alok character

To take it for free, you will have to take help of any other earning app so that your other can be earning and can do well in you.

Or you can be a participant in any of the falls, in which you can be daily on the diamond key, you may be a winner.

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