Pubg Mobile lite 1.0 Update: New Library Mode & TDM 2.0

In the upcoming Pubg Mobile lite 1.0 Update, is being told that in this update library mode and TDM 2.0 is going to come, it is going somewhere but you need to know whether all these things will come or not ?

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pubg Mobile lite 1.0 Update

When our pubg Mobile lite got an updates of 0.20.0. At that time, TDM mode was removed from our pubg lite and now you will also know that our 1.0.0 is realese in india at January 2020 from leaks, inside which maybe tdm 2.0 will be added.

1.0 update

Which you have come to know that a library mode is also coming in pubg lite 1.0 version update. It is all revealed by leaks. It is not an official news nor has it been detected by any patch notes, it is detected on the basis of leaks.

It is absolutely true that tdm 2.0 is coming in this pubg Mobile lite 1.0 update and it can be any tdm mode like TDM Gun Mode.

The Pubg Mobile lite 1.0 Update  is going to be more related to winter because winter is going on and that is why it will be related to winter features.

Pubg Mobile lite New Update

In this update, a lot of changes will be made in the winner pass and in Game features of the game will also be added, which we cannot tell according to Lekas, that will be known only after the 1.0 update download from Download link.

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