PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Coins 2023 – How to Generate Free BC coins in PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Coins 2023: If you want to take Free Bc in Pubg Lite, which is also absolutely free bc (generator). Yes, You will be able to take Pubg Lite Bc, if you understand this article from beginning to end, then we sincerely hope that you get Free Bc coin in Pubg Mobile Lite.

Many players want, if they have a Pubg Mobile Lite Bc Coin, then they can open the crate in Pubg Mobile Lite and purchase the skin of a good outfit and gun, but because they do not have a Battle coin, they do not even buy the winner pass in Pubg mobile lite. If you find, there is no need to be depressed, this post will surely help you in getting free bc PUBG mobile lite.

GamePUBG Mobile Lite
Latest Version V0.26.0
Current SeasonWinner Pass 52
Free BcClick Here

Check outHow to get free BC (Battle Coins) in PUBG Mobile Lite For the 0.24.0 version

Free bc

How To Get Free bc In Pubg Mobile Lite

Then you will also be able to get BC for free. And you can also read some steps –

  • First of all, go to the mission option and go to the daily mission there.
  • After that, you have to scroll down to see the mission below and then go to the Watch Video option.
  • Enjoy the game by watching ads and getting your favorite items from Crates and Shop and more.

PUBG Mobile Lite is free bc a trick

WATCH ADS: You can also take BC by watching videos in Pubg Mobile Lite and in this way, you can take up to 5 BC daily, if you like this post Pubg Mobile Lite me free bc Kaise le then it is a good thing for us. This is what you like most about our articles!

Game tournament

If you are able to play well in Pubg Mobile Lite, then it will be beneficial for you because by joining the tournament of Pubg Mobile Lite Free BC you can also win free BC.

You can also join our Telegram group where Winner Pass is given as a giveaway for free by clicking on this link Join Now

PUBG Mobile Lite Free Bc hack?

Hack the sentences or else, today you will also know the answer to this question, For more information about this, read below, we have mentioned it further.

PUBG Mobile Lite Free bc Coins 2023 app

You must have seen many more by now who claim that you will generate PUBG Mobile lite free bc, but they are all fake. In the process of earning money from reward ads, all those videos make you crazy, so you spend your time on such apps.

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How does the Bc Coin generator work?

You must have seen a lot of websites that would make it easy for you to purchase BC because that website is directly linked to Bc Coin Server.

You have sent the request from there and Bc is directly added to your PUBG Mobile Lite I’d like the COD & Midasbuy website is all real.

Pubg Mobile Lite Bc generator 2023

On the generator website, you see that the BC generator is told in such a way that the BC in our ID is being generated in a real way, but these are fake. Nothing like this happens.

Pubg Mobile lite Bc generator
Pubg Mobile Lite Bc generators are fake

How to get free bc in pubg mobile lite without any app: If generated in this way, why do people buy bc? It is a matter to understand, that this is a fake and fake Bc Coin generated website because they do it all for earning, they waste your time by showing you advertisements, so do not get entangled in such hoaxes.

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What is Bc?

The BC or Battle Coins are PUBG Mobile Lite Coins, which is the Recharge version of PUBG Mobile. Players use BC to purchase many unique skins, costumes, and exciting features in the game, along with a pubg mobile lite player.

Note: There is a PUBG Mobile & PUBG Mobile Lite ban in India, if you know this, you are requested not to download it at all, we do not advise downloading it.

PUBG Lite 1000 BC

PUBG Lite 1000 BC
(Image Via – PUBG Mobile Lite Bc Purchase section rate)

To get up to 1000 bc in PUBG Mobile Lite, open the game and open the purchase option, and in the fourth option, you will get 1000 bc, which you might buy in this pack.

PUBG Mobile Lite Bc purchase Price list

60 + 30INR 85
190 + 95INR 240
320 + 160INR 410
650 + 325INR 820
1700 + 850INR 2,050
3500 + 1750INR 4,150

How to buy BC in PUBG Mobile Lite at a low price

  1. Step: First of all, you have to go to You can also visit this site by searching in a web browser.
  2. Step: After visiting the site, you have to create your account by clicking on Create Account and logging in.
  3. Step: you have to select your country by clicking on the country. After choosing the country, a new page will open to select Mobile PUBG Lite and click on GO.
  4. Step: If you want, you can select any other game and buy their currency like BC & UC, but here we are telling you to buy BC, then you have to click on PUBG Mobile lite.
  5. Step: A new page will open, you have to enter the character ID of your PUBG mobile lite click on the number of BC you want to buy, and select the payment method.
  6. Step: payment options like Bank, Razer Gold Pin, Razer Gold, UPI, and more are given here. You can buy BC by paying through any method at your convenience.
  7. After making the payment, BC will be added to your PUBG Mobile Lite. After that, you can buy anything from those BC Coins.

PUBG Mobile Lite Bc Generator App Reality

Friends, you must have seen that in many videos or tools, you do this medicine you install the BC Generator App after that enter your ID and click on BC Generate, your BC will be generated but It does not happen at all when you do it If you do then a mission would come there in which it is said that you complete this task after that BC will be transferred to your account but it’s does not happen at all.

Everyone makes you crazy and hacks your ID, that’s why never use all these methods because this method does not work at all.

How To Get Free 280 Bc In PUBG Lite

To get Free 280, you can earn money by completing the task through the earning app and through that buy bc.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Lite free bc to redeem code

PUBG Mobile Lite does not have a free bc redeem code but a cosmetic item redeems the code from which outfits set can be taken.

How to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite in 2023?

The steps to get a free bus is not different from year to year. It is easy to get free bc if you learn the information well once, then earning app is available in the market, and at present, the favorite app is winzo.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite mode?

There are more than three modes available in pubg mobile lite, in which you can play with different features, whose mode of play is completely different from the previous modes. The most famous modes are classic mode, Team deathmatch (4vs4), ruins mode (TDM), payload, war mode, etc.

How to upgrade free BC & winner pass for pubgmLite?

If you buy WP once by adding the existing amount from any other application, you can upgrade to 280 BC by completing the missions, and from those BC, you will also be able to update the next WP.

What WP means in PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG mobile lite has a complete form winner pass of wp, in which there is a collection of rewards, including many rewards.

What is the Full Form Of BC?

The complete form of BC in PUBG Mobile Lite is Battle Coin, which is the currency in this game.

Thank you wholeheartedly for reading the article on how to get free bc in PUBG Mobile lite, if you have any questions, then you can make a comment.

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