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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 20 Winner Pass: Release date, leaked rewards, and more

  • PUBG Mobile Lite Season 19 Winner Pass is about to conclude, and players are excited for the arrival of the upcoming winner pass 20
  • In this article, we get information about release date, leaked rewards and season 20 winner pass.

In this PUBG Lite winner pass season 20, a lot of good things have come, which you will get all the information ( wp 20 ) in it.

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In this Pubg Lite wp 20, everything is related to the winter update and if you want to get this PUBG Mobile Lite wp 20 for free, then read on How to get free wp.

Winner pass 20

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20

On the last date of this month i.e. on the 31st, Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 19 will be locked and on the next day of the next month, pubg Mobile lite wp 20 will be unlocked 1 January 2020 at 7:30 AM which you will be able to purchase.

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Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20
Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20

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What new will come in this wp

In the 0.20.0 update in pubg lite, in the game’s screw notice, the developer has stated that the wp will be a total of 40 Lvl missions from 20 to wp as earlier there were only 30 Lvl wp missions.

Leaked Rewards

When we get leaks, we will give the update till we will tell you what will come in the wp 20.

Pubg Mobile Lite Winner Pass 20
  • New Year & Christmas To Related Outfit
  • New Winter Update Accessories
  • Christmas
  • Winter Gun Skin
  • Winter UAZ Skin

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