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Pubg Mobile lite Winner pass Season 19 Locked : New Winner pass 20 is coming ?

  • Pubg Mobile Lite season Winner 20 Coming

Winner Pass 19 will be locked on 30 December 2020 and after that you will get Winner Pass 20 on 1 January 2021 in the Winner Pass options of your pubg Mobile Lite at 7:00 AM winner pass season 20 will be unlocked.

Leaked Rewards of Pubg Mobile Lite Season 20 Winner Pass

  • New Year & Christmas To Related Outfit
  • New Winter Update Accessories
  • Winter Gun Skin
  • Winter UAZ Skin & More
Pubg Mobile Lite 20 Winner Pass
Pubg Mobile lite Winner pass Season 19 Locked : Winner pass 20 is coming ?

How To purchase Winner pass Season 20

To purchase this winner pass you have to pay more BC than before because the previous winner pass level was 30 wp level and now the Winner pass 20 level is going to be level 40 so you have to give the approx 400 Bc Coin according to the level to buy.

You people know that there is a ban Pubg mobile lite in India, then we cannot recharge in pubg mobile lite meaning that you cannot purchase BC Coin According to this, if you have purchased winner pass Season 19 winner pass, then your return will be with you from 280 BC Coin. Can shop easily.

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If you like Pubg Mobile lite Season 20 Winner pass it, if you have any question, then you can comment.

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