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PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update release date revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update release date revealed – Discussing the release date of the New, the official has not yet told us when the 1.0.0 is going to be released and we have not seen any new in December, although it arrived in November and last week of April pubg mobile lite 1.0 .0 Update Release can be.

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We are also going to discuss some things that we are going to get in the 1.0 and we are going to get most of the new and much better things in this that this 1.0.0 is going to be an extremely big 1.0.0 update of pubg Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update
PUBG Mobile Lite 1.0.0 Update

TDM was removed from our Pubg Mobile Lite during the old update, then you will want to know exactly why it was removed, so there is a reason to remove it so that the size of the game is not much and will come now In this 1.0, in this 1.0.0 update TDM will be launched in its new version i.e. TDM 2.0 which is getting on to be a lot of happiness to play.

PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Update new features

Along with TDM 2.0, a lot of new things are going to be received in this 1.0.0 we can tell you that in this you are going to get a new character from the workshop option.

And let us tell you that in this 1.0.0 you will get to see changes in some maps as well and events are also arriving, like falcon’s event and a new lobby will also be added.

This update will be first launched in Beta PUBG Mobile Lite, then after all the experimenting it will be launched in the official Global PUBG Mobile Lite and after that, it will be released which you will be able to download easily.

And this approaching “1.0.0 update” will also be related to Winter because it is the winter season and winter Features that are going to work for us.

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The size of this 1.0.0 is not going to be much bigger because the developers do not allow the size to be large, so the developers do not allow the size to be too much, any single turn is reduced so that while adding any new features its Our TDM was removed.

If you liked this article, then do express your query in the comment, if you have any questions regarding this 1.0.0

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