PUBG Mobile Lite: How To Get Free Gun Skin

PUBG Mobile Lite: How To Get Free Gun Skin – gamers will tell you how you can get free gun skin in Pubg mobile lite And we will not talk about a way to get free gun skin, but in many ways, you can take free gun skin in a very easy and simple way.

How To Get Free Gun Skin In PUBG Mobile Lite
How To Get Free Gun Skin In PUBG Mobile Lite

You will find many ways to get free gun skin and in PUBG Mobile Lite free Gun skin player will be able to spend bc coin to get gun skin.

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How To Get Free Gun Skin In PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Event
  • Air Drop
  • Winner pass Create
  • Season Tier Reward
  • Outfit Scarp Coupon

Event To Get Free Gun skin

Free Gun Skin

The event in PUBG Mobile lite arrives every 7 to 15 days, in which we can take any item that comes for free, recently an event came in which free Gun skin could take all pubg mobile lite player but for that something You will have to complete the mission and you have to wait this time, gun skin can come in the event section.

Air drop To Get Free Guns

Free Gun Skin

Not seen every time but in one to two days you get a lot of gun skin and outfit. You can take them for free and although you can also buy it, you can take it for free by watching ads in 0 Bc.

How To Get Free Gun Skin from Winner pass create

Free Gun Skin

Winner pass comes new every month and winner pass brings very good items, but you have to open wp create to get the item for free. For this, you have to complete from 1 to 30 wp, then you will be able to open the gun from wp point and take the outfit.

Season Tier Reward

Free Gun Skin

This is also a very easy way to know how to take free gun skin, then you must be aware that after every 3 months a new season comes as if it had just arrived season 9, in which the skin of kar98 was received in tier rewards on completing diamond tier.

Outfit Scarp Coupon

Free Gun Skin

This way many more players apply. Whenever you play matches, you get some coin and outfit scrap coupon. From which you can create open and get free gun skin.

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