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How To Remove Free Fire Account; Facebook, device, permanently and more

How To Remove Free Fire Account

How to Delete Free Fire Account – If you have linked your Free fire account to Facebook So through this article you can easily remove Free Fire account and if you want to delete and create a new account, you can also create an account very easily And if you do not want to play free fire games, you can still delete your free fire account completely.

How To Remove Free Fire Account

How to Delete Free Fire Account?

Uninstalling any game does not completely delete the account linked to that game, so if you want to delete any apps or accounts So the account to which it is linked will first have to be removed from there.

What is a free fire game?

Free Fire is a very popular battle game on which 50 people are connected to each other and play this battle game on an Iceland and the one who survives, in the end, is the winner of this game but if you do not want to play it and want to uninstall this game but do not want to delete its account, then we are going to tell you in this post that you can delete free fire very easily.

How To Remove Free Fire Account of Facebook

For example, if you have linked to your email ID, remove it from your email ID, or have linked any of your apps to Facebook, then you will have to remove it by going to Facebook.

In the same way, we are going to share the process of removing the free fire account in this article, so you should read this article carefully and know how to delete the free fire account.

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If you have linked your Garena Free Fire account to Facebook, then we will tell you how to delete the Free Fire account from your Facebook account, for this, you will have to follow our steps given below.

How to Remove Free Fire (free fire Max) Account Step-by-step

Step:1 For this, first you have to log in to your Facebook account, to log in you have to use your ID and password.

Step: 2 When you log in to Facebook, you will see a 3 line menu on the side, go to that option and after going to that option, you will see the option of Settings and Privacy.

Step : 3 After going to this, you will see the option of Settings, click on it

Step: 4 After going to this, you will see the apps and website option, click on it

Step: 5 After that, log in with the Facebook option that will appear, click on it.

Step: 6 In this, you will find a link, you have to click on it, after clicking, the option to remove will appear, click on it, as soon as you remove it, then immediately free Facebook account with you which link

Here you can see that your Facebook account has account links for this and how many apps, if you want to remove them too, then you can easily pick up the links of those apps from here.

How to remove a Free Fire account?

After deleting the account once from any app, whenever you log in, there is a need to create a new account again, in such a way that the Remove Free Fire account can be permanently deleted.

In this way, you can easily remove your free fire account if you have any questions on how to remove the free fire account, that is, how to delete the account on your free account.


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