PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary theme mode released in Erangel

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary theme mode released in Erangel

Hello friends, how are you all welcome from my heart? In the game PUBG Mobile, there is a small update about the 3rd Anniversary mode, in which we got to see the new 3rd Anniversary mode of the park.

It will probably be known to all of you that whenever an update (3rd Anniversary) comes in PUBG Mobile, then before that an update is given in Beta PUBG Mobile so that the entire testing of that update can be done.

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If there is a bug in the update or there is a delete thing or if there is some problem, then it is fixed at the same time and is launched in PUBG mobile with full details.

PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary
PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary

There are some parks in the third anniversary of Pub G Mobile. When you land in ergal, you will see some parks there, you can enjoy that park. There will be some boxes in that park and you will see the PUBG Mobile 3rd anniversary cake along with the banner of the third anniversary and there will also be a lift according to the first update, which you can enjoy.

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PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary Features

By releasing in-game 3rd Anniversary update the developers get some modifications to Erangel map. In span island, they added some colourful walls, whereas on the map they placed theme parks in 3 locations.

The theme park locations are fully decorated and created anniversary celebrations atmosphere. However, there is no loot accessible for players who landed there. In further updates, they will provide some other extreme features along with loot.

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