PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks 2021 – Gamers also want to know how we played better in PUBG Mobile Lite, so we are going to discuss this topic itself and if you follow these tips and tricks, then you will be able to play like a very nice and pro player.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Tricks 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Trick
PUBG Mobile Lite Tips And Trick

Where do you Jump In PUBG Mobile Lite?

First of all, you should know where to land. In this game, we are flying with a team but at the time of landing, you have to decide where you want to land. For example, the Stadium and pilot plaza is a good places where you can find a lot of loot.

Use headphones or earphones

You can never play PUBG Mobile Lite with the speaker turned on. You should always use headphones or earphones. In PUBG Lite, you get 3D sound quality so that you can be alert by listening to every movement happening around you. You can avoid your enemies by this.

Use the right Mini Map

You will see red coloured marks on the Mini Map. Moving where someone is moving. With the help of measurement, you will easily find out who is around you. And then you can easily die them.

Set And customize controls (Sensitivity)

The best trick is to set/customize your controls before starting the game. Because onscreen controls help you a lot while playing games. Like you can set the shoot button in any direction to the right or left. And you can also set the mini measurement up and down. Meaning, in any position you can set it at your convenience. You can also set the size of the controls and their transparency.

Keep the doors closed

Whenever you enter a building, always close the door so that when another player comes, he will feel that there is no one there. Then you can target him and kill him easily.

If the door of someone’s house is open, then it is sure that someone has taken possession there. Then you have to keep yourself alert there.

Remove shoes of character In PUBG Mobile Lite

If you have looted someone’s house and now you are waiting for someone, then remove your shoes. Because shoes make a lot of noise. If a player has very good sound quality headphones, then you will not be able to easily mislead him. Not wearing shoes reduces the voice so that you can kill the person comfortably.

Importance of car/vehicle

Having a car is very important when you want to reach your play zone area quickly, then you use the car. But when you go by car, if suddenly an enemy comes in front of you on the way, then you have to shoot/kill, then quickly you will see 2 boxes or 4 boxes below so that you can change your position in your car. Then you can come back from the driver’s seat and use the gun to kill the front enemy Many people skip this trick.

Use of Icon in Game

In the PUBG Mobile Lite game, you can stop the attack from your front but you cannot avoid the attack from behind or the side. But very few people know that you can use the Eye icon with Auto screen mode to avoid such an attack. From this, you can see 360 ​​degrees.

Using Auto Pick

When you are stealing things, when you go near any item, you are seen in yellow colour. Which tells that it is very important or good for you, and it picks them up automatically.

Use of auto mode / single shoot

When you use burst mode, 4-5 bullets come out at a time. But in a single shoot, only one bullet comes out at a time. In such a situation, you will easily get targeted by using your scope and the bullets will not be wasted.

Solo, Duo or Squad Mode

In PUBG Mobile Lite you can make a single or a team for a duo match. A maximum of 4 people can team together in a squad turn.

Choose the right graphics quality

Having the right graphics is very important for a PUBG game. For this, you go to the graphics settings and select Auto-Graphics. So as not to lag In PUBG Mobile lite.

Hopefully, you must have liked this article, if you follow the PUBG Mobile lite tips and tricks 2021 mentioned in PUBG Mobile lite tips and tricks article, you will get a good game.

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