Shirou vs Skyler: Who is best in Free fire?

Shirou vs Skyler: who is best in Free fire – I have come up with two new characters named Shirou and Skyler we are going to compare both of them which of these two characters would be better for playing Free Fire.

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Shirou vs Skyler: who is best in Free fire?
Shirou vs Skyler

Shirou vs Skyler who is best in Free fire?

  • Shirou

There is going to be a passive player, so you can use its ability with any player. Shirou has the capability of two free fire players, moco and hyato will replace both these players if the player comes inside free fire. If we talk about its ability, then its first ability is that it can Spot any enemy within 100 meters who will be firing on it, and second ability is of hyato which when it is over any of its enemies. Will firing with helmet and vest, then the damage of the first bullet is 100% more.

  • Skyler Skyler

Skyler is going to be an active ability player. If we talk about its ability, it can break the glue wall at a distance of 60 meters in one second even if there are five consecutive glue walls in that range. Skyler has the ability to extract an ultrasonic wave. And it recovers its 5hp with each blueball break.

Shirou vs Skyler full ability Test Skyler


  • Release ultrasonic wave Unleash a Sonic wave forward damage 5 Gloowall within 30m.
  • Recover Hp by destroy Glue wall Each Glue wall deployed will result in increasing HP Recovery beginning from 5 points.


  • Spot Enemy location This will create a mark for 3 seconds on the head of whoever shoots me within 50 meters with the help of which we will be able to support it.
  • Damage rate high When you use Shirou’s ability to fire over your anime, the first bullet will be a hundred percent more damage and compared to the bullet.

When come shirou and SKyler in free fire

If you talk about Skylar, then it is going to be seen very soon in India but first of all it will be seen on the Vietnam server by February 6.

Talking about Shirou, you will find it inside the OB26 update, which is going to come very soon but it is not confirmed that shirou will come first, then Skylar.

Who is best in shirou vs Skyler

Talking about the best of shirou vs skyler, according to me, for skylar free fire because this player will help a lot in breaking the glue wall. When it breaks the glue wall, then you know how much it will help inside the free fire because Blue World is the most used material of free fire.

Talking about skylar, it has the ability of two players, one is Moco and Hayato which makes this player even more dangerous, so according to me, if you talk about the best of both players, skylar is going to be a good player.

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