What is a SICO Game; Download, Features, Release date, Pre-register And More

What is a SICO Game? So friends tell you, SICO Game is an Indian game, which is going to be release soon and not only this, you can also play online by teaming with your friends, And for your information, let us know that SICO (SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATIONS) and this game is being developed by Indic Arena Company.

If you used to play PUBG Game then you would be very well aware that PUBG is now banned in India and you can no longer play this game because it has been banned by the Indian government, But now it will be very good news (SICO GAME) for those gamers, so you must share this article with your friends.


FAUG Game is an Indian action game, it is also a good game but the features that gamers wanted, It is not available in it yet, but after updates in FauG Game, multiplayer, TDM and more modes will be added soon. And in SICO Game, you will get all these features as soon as you release, which you will be able to play with your friends.

What is a SICO Game

Because this game is coming to the Indian game Made in India after FAUG, and the SICO Game trailer has been released, If you talk about the trailer, then there is less to say about the trailer, and yes from the trailer, we can get a lot of idea of ​​how the game is going to come, From the trailer we believe that the game is going to be great and will be like a multiplayer game.

SICO Game Features

SICO Game Multiplayer is going to happen, and you can play this game with your favourite player friends, In this, you will get advanced level graphics, on which the experience of playing on the graphics will be somewhat different.


Character: In Game also you will get to see different characters like PUBG, in this game you will find Captain Surya Singh, Ana Rudra and Shiva 3 different male characters and a female character named Ana will be seen.

Clan System: You can add favourite players to your Clan features, you can make a good base of your different players from Clan. According to the leader in the clan, the player has to step.

Event options: In this game you will get gun skin and outfit, you will have to do some mission for it.

Guns: This game will see different guns like Gun AR, pistol, sniper, shotgun.

Maps: In Game VANAM, MANDAPA, PARVATI In these, you will get these three different maps and in the TDM warehouse you will be added a different map. These maps have been declared official.

Players: Fight for yourself and your team fight in Classic Mode of 100 players and enjoy modern strike online game with friends In SICO Game you can play the game alone. The game’s mode, which we know as solo in the style of the game. In exactly the same way, 2 players (Duo) will be able to play together and in Squad you will also be able to form your own team and play in the game.

FPP & TPP Mode: You will also see FPP (First Person Perspective) and TPP (Third Person Perspective) Options, which are amazing features of Sico Game.

Release Date of SICO Game

To know when the SICO Game will come and when it will be launched, it is still available on the play store for pre-registration. And its official date has not been informed yet how long it will be released but it will be released between April and May.

How to download SICO game?

The trailer of the SICO game has been released a few days ago, but the game is not currently available for download on the PlayStore as the game is currently launching at the time of the game launch.

How to Pre-Register SICO Game?

As I told you this game is not available for download right now, so you have to wait till the launch of this game but you can pre-register this game on Google Playstore as soon as this game release, You will get its notification and you can also enable the option of auto-download while pre-registering, So that after the game is launched,

the GAME itself is downloaded. Click here to pre-register and you can register by clicking on the Pre-Register button of the play store.

frequently asked questions (FAQ

Which country is the SICO game?

It is an Indian game created by an Indian game development company called Indic Arena.

When will the SICO game launch?

The launch date of the SICO game has not been revealed yet and no official information has been revealed about when the game will be launched.

Will the SICO Game support a 2GB ram?

So far, it has not been official that how many GB RAM is going to support, but if we tell according to us, it will easily support 2GB RAM.
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