What is the Fortnite Game? Know about Fortnite

In today’s article, I will tell you in detail about the Fortnite game what is the Fortnite game? When and who has launched it? So, you must read this article from beginning to end.

Friends, as the whole world is becoming digital, all the people use new smartphones and those who use smart phones definitely play online games in their mobiles.

What is Fortnite Game?
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No matter what kind of game it is, nowadays, all Android My users or users install some game on their mobile. so Friends, if you play an online game, this article today is going to be very useful for you.

What is fortnight game?

Fortnite game is an online video game developed by Epic Games. It was released in 2017. The Fortnite game was created by the “Epic Games” company and the company was started in 1991 when Tim Sweeney founded it under the name photo mac computer system.

However, this company was not at all in the form of gaming then. Rather the computer consultant was working on the business modal itself, but later on trial he created a video game named ZZT which was made for the MS operating system.

This game is very good and you can play it on your mobile, computer PC tablet anywhere, very easily. You will not face any problem while playing this game and you will like this game very much.

Fortnite game popularity

Epic his time was very successful and at that time the game became Heart lighter among everyone and given this popularity, the company started the task of developing the game itself. And after this, the name of this company was changed after 1 year i.e. in 1992, Epic Mega Gemes, although this name was changed again in 1999 and then the name of this company was Epic Games.

Epic Games and after that this company development oped many games like Heart light Pinball Epic Baseball Unreal, age of wonders, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War 2 etc. made more than 50 games.

But out of all these games, there was no popular game like Fortnite, although this game was started in 2011 when it was seen that the action game has become the first choice of the people but after starting the work on the game there was a lot of it Interruptions kept coming. Because Epic Games updated their system.

Apart from this, he made changes to his theme after some time. Because at that time most games were dark themed but the dark theme was not suitable for everyone. For this reason, by chan this dark team, it was celebrated with a slight light theme.

Epic Games teamed up with Chinese company publisher Tencent to further improve the Fortnite game. After this, the Fortnite game continued to fall short, and by 2017, Epic games finally made the Fortnite game ready.

The game was first launched for Mac, Windows, OS, PlayStation 4 and X box one only. But due to its popularity, this game has been launched on 2 April 8 2018 for the iOS mobile operating system for the Android mobile system. This game is available in three variants.

  • Fortnite save the world
  • Fortnitee battle royale
  • Fortnite creative
  • Fortnite save the world

Designed as a player vs. environment game with four cars that serve a general-purpose on various topics and the game is set after a permanent storm hit Earth causing 98% of the population to disappear and survive. The ones were to be attacked by zombie-like husbands.

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