GoD Praveen YT; Income, PUBG Lite Id, PUBG Lite Sensitivity, Symbol and more

In this post, we will know about GoD Praveen YT: Income, PUBG Lite Id, PUBG Mobile Lite Sensitivity, Symbol. pubg lite king in India

GoD Praveen is the creator of PUBG Mobile Lite, whose channel name is “GoD Praveen YT” and his real name is Praveen Choudhary, He is interested in Games. can call it pubg lite king in India.

GoD Praveen YT
( Credit – GoD 女 PraveenYT )
Real namePraveen Choudhary
Pubg lite ID7259516585
Playing fromseason 4
Youtube channelGod Praveen YT
Subscribers1 Million +
Phone numberNA
GoD Praveen YT biography

GoD Praveen YT Income

According to the Social blade website, GoD Praveen YT earns about 3.1k $ comfortably every month from youtube. If we change this amount in Indian currency then it is about 226,000 rupees and it is their Income.

They have the sources of YouTube Income

  • YouTube Income
  • Sponsored
  • Super Chat

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GoD Praveen YT PUBG Lite Id

PUBG Mobile Lite ID:- 7259516585
PUBG MOBILE ID:- 570229450

When they opened the channel, PUBG Mobile Lite was not launched in India at the time, when they used to play pubg mobile, but after being launched. they now do live streaming of pubg mobile lite.

GoD Praveen YT Sensitivity

No scope Sensitivity130%
Red dot, Aim Assist70%
2× Scope37%
3× Scope 26%
4× Scope17%
6× Scope12%
8× Scope12%
Camera Sensitivity
Camera Sensitivity
ADS Sensitivity
Gyro Sensitivity

GoD Praveen YT Symobol

To make the player’s name look good in the game, Use In PUBG Mobile Lite the symbol like GoD 女 PraveenYT if you want to accompany the name in the game in this way, then you can copy this symbol from here.

GoD Praveen YT Device

Everyone needs a good device to play better in the game, Praveen currently has one plus phone, And right now Praveen Choudhary has bought I IPhone 12 pro. videos that are uploaded on their vlog 14 on YouTube.

Note – Here personal information of Praveen is not disclosed, like -GoD PraveenYT address, GoD 女 PraveenYT phone number, and all this is privacy, so do not search for them.

How to do PUBG Mobile Lite live streaming on YouTube ?

Before you live stream on YouTube, you should know that if you have a 1k Subscriber on the YouTube channel, then it is a great pleasure for you, You will be able to stream pubg mobile from the official YouTube app itself.

Things required for live streaming?

  • It is very important to have a good earphone so that the quality of your sound is good.
  • Having a good device for live streaming is very much depends if you have a good device, then your pubg will not lag during the mobile lite live stream.
  • Good Internet to Live If your internet speed is good then your game and stream will run very soft, and if you use wifi for the stream, then it will be much better.

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  1. How to do PUBG Mobile Lite Live Streaming?

    Connect your device to the things required for the stream and open the live streaming options in YouTube and give the title, description and click on Next according to the PUBG Mobile Lite game. Then setting Thumbnail from and clicking on Go will open the stream option in front of you. Then you can easily stream. It

  2. who is the god of pubg lite?

    GoD Praveen YT best player and streamer of pubg mobile lite.

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