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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass Leaks Out Now

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass Leaks – all the rewards that will come in PUBG Mobile Lite will be told by leaks in this post, who will come in the winner pass of season 24, which you can get by upgrading after the release.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass Leaks
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass Leaks

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 24 Winner Pass Leaks rewards

In this way, rewards are often available in PUBG Mobile Lite, but this time there will be items to please the players, which will get you unique and you will get better ones that you can upgrade and unlock easily.

If you want to get some items without a winner pass for free, then this opportunity is for you for a limited time, then For this, you can read the entire article on the reedem code of PUBG Mobile Lite.

How to upgrade Winner Pass of PUBG Mobile Lite

  • First of all, add 280 bc to your game
  • After adding BC, go to the Winner Pass option and see the winner pass season 24 rewards and click on the existing upgrade option there
  • upgrading, you will have to complete the WP mission, after that, you will be able to collect the records easily
  • Enjoy the game well through Rewards

How To Get Free Season 24 Winner pass in PUBG Mobile Lite

If you buy a winner pass once in pubg lite, you will be able to buy your next wp free because when you buy the first wp pass after obtaining your wp mission.

So you will get 35 BC and 50 BC in this way. Collected and returned 280 Bc in unique forms, you can buy your winner pass and take all winner pass for free in the same way.

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Shanuaz Mollick
Shanuaz Mollick
1 year ago

How to updated my pubg game &winer pass locked. Why

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