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How to get new Wildfire vegabond Royale Bundle in Free Fire

Wildfire vegabond set – You can also do it for free, and I will tell you how long this bundle is going to last. This wildfire vegabond lucky royale Spin bundle is absolutely good. which bundle is best in free fire

Wilndfire vegabond Bundle ( Royle spin )
wildfire vegabond lucky royale ( Today )

Wildfire vegabond lucky royale is going to be 19 days from today, ie it will end on 25th May and after that another new bundle lucky royale will come

How to get Wildfire vegabond Bundle in Free Fire

You can open the Wildfire vegabond bundle easily with the steps given below.

  • Open Garena free fire game
  • After that you go to lucky royale
  • Click on diamond royale then spin 60 diamond
  • And existing items will give you luck.

Gamers, take the items given in Lucky Spin for free, you will be able to get a wildfire vegabond lucky Spin with 40 ff coupons with the help of ff coupons given to you when you complete the game while playing the game.

How do you get free luck Royale in free fire?

To get free luck Royale, you can get the existing bundle for free with the help of ff token.

What is new bundle in free fire?

Currently Wilndfire vegabond bundle is in Lucky royale, it is new bundle in free fire.

Which bundle is best in free fire?

The best red criminal bundle of players in Free fire is the best

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