Best Sensitivity For BGMI Gyroscope & Without Gyroscope With Share Code

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Sensitivity settings Gyroscope ( Zero Recoil ) Control Share Code – Unless the player controls the game properly, he will never be able to play well, so it is very important to improve the sensitivity first, many players BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) deer to settings to Importance Don’t give what they must.

You must have seen a good player’s gameplay on any social media quite a matter of fact that you also wish to play a game like them, you will find better play than them today.

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It is very important to tell you one thing that when you follow and apply this sensitivity, you will face some problems. Because you have a habit of controlling with your old settings, Battlegrounds Mobile India settings Gyroscope Follow, TDM Practice a little bit so that your aim is perfect according to the sensor settings.

BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) sensitivity setting gyroscope & Without Gyroscope

gyroscope Scope You use it, believe that you sensitivity settings Using BGMI You can zero the recoil of the gun and if you do not use it, then you should consider the advice to enable the Gyro Scope. This is very important Features

layout and sensitivity settings to new BGMI account using (share code) in Battlegrounds Mobile India

layout and sensitivity settings Code – 6974-6265-7288-5033-256


  • No scope : 105%
  • Red Dot : 65%
  • 2× Scope : 30%
  • 3× Scope : 22%
  • 4× Scope : 17%
  • 6× Scope : 13%
  • 8× : Scope : 9%

Aim Down Sight ( ADS )

  • No scope 115%
  • Red Dot 55%
  • 2× Scope 35%
  • 3× Scope 22%
  • 4× Scope, 16%
  • 6× Scope 14%
  • 8× Scope 12%

Gyroscope settings of BGMI

  • No scope 200%
  • Red Dot 200%
  • 2× Scope 200%
  • 3× Scope 160%
  • 4× Scope, 140%
  • 6× Scope 120%
  • 8× Scope 50%

As I told you to practice BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) Sensitivity Settings Gyroscope in TDM after applying By which you will be a very strong aim, yes you heard right, and tell us how to try our efforts.

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