How to become eSports Player: Make a career in eSports 2021

How to become eSports Player – Video-gaming or computer gaming is now known worldwide as “e-sport” In India too many children and youth are now adopting ‘online gaming’ as a career as a “sport” There are many young people in India who have chosen gaming as a career and they earn thousands of rupees every month.

Professional gaming has turned into a career in India. It consists of creating teams of players for online video games. and are kept on regular salary by the companies. They participate in national and international competitions where earning prize money can range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 20 lakh per tournament.

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How to become esports Player, Esports player
How to become esports Player

How to become an esports player

The total prize money announced for various tournaments in a year has already crossed Rs 3.5 crore. It is growing at an unbelievable speed. Hyper-X, the world’s number one gaming brand, expects e-sports revenue to grow 25% in 2019.

The number of people watching it will also increase to 15 crores. Recently, a three-day India Gaming Show was held at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. In which all the companies related to gaming participated.

How to become esports Player 2021

Pro gaming is one of the most exciting jobs in the eSports industry. The respective sports and play for team leagues and eSports companies. They need to fly to different countries and participate in tournaments.

Pro gamers must be professionals and work closely with their coaches, team members and managers.

You have to share your skill full gameplay on social media to become an expert player. It is necessary to make a means, after that you have to participate in a tournament and apply for export and get success to become an esports player.

You must have known How to become esports Player better that a career can be made in esports.

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