How to get Free Emote In PUBG Mobile Lite

How to get Free Emote In PUBG Mobile Lite – All players in the game are not able to afford things with money, they want us to get free outfits, gun skin, emote and items in the game and However it is possible that you will be able to get free emotes in Pubg mobile lite.

How to get Free Emote In PUBG Mobile Lite

How to get Free Emote In PUBG Mobile Lite

In PUBG Mobile Lite, maximum Emote is given in Winner Pass because it is such a medium. Where you can get emote cheaply and emote opportunity is almost available in every winner pass. and sometimes even free Emote.

I will tell you a easy way to get Emote PUBG Mobile Lite for free which is very simple. then you follow the current step below.

PUBG Mobile Lite Free Emote Guide Video

Note : You must have Silver Coins in PUBG Mobile Lite which are given free of cost during the login in Mission and Event after playing the game.

  • Open the PUBG Mobile Lite game and enter the lobby
  • Click on the shop button in the lobby and a new tab will open in front of you
  • Then click on the redeem option and the name of the current cap is childrens cap, which can be purchased with silver currency and can also take time limit and permanent
  • You go to the inventory and check the emote and get the equipment

What is Emote

Emotes is very Awesome in PUBG Mobile Lite. Emote makes our character very attractive and makes pro he goes to every player that he has emote like emotes are of many types lol emote, laugh emote, Dance emote etc attract each other player towards us.

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