How to make Pro Player In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

How to make Pro Player In BGMI (Battelground Mobile India)

How to make Pro Player In BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) – Friends, we all play BGMI, but not everyone can play well, some people also think that how their friends play so well and why they are not able to play Well all this is amazing of their experience, but i will tell you some such things, by using which you can also become a Pro Player


How to make Pro Player In Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Right now we will tell you some things, using which you can also become a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) me Pro Player. You just have to follow these things.

Although everyone plays BGMI, but a pro player is the one who knows about the game very well. That’s why you first have to know about the BGMI well.

Why Must Better Device For Pro Player? know from details

If you want to become a pro player then it is necessary for you to have a good gaming phone, just imagine if you do not have a good phone but your enemy has. So no matter how good you play but only your enemy will win because the game is running better and smoother in his phone.

If you have a good gaming device, then you also get more FPS (frame per seconds), the more FPS the smoother your game. So it would be better that you buy a good phone first.

Even if you cannot take it, there will not be much problem, just keep in mind that the RAM of your phone should be at least 3 GB.

Stable & Good Internet Speed

You should have a good internet, for this you can use SIM of any company. Just keep in mind that your internet should work well, because if it does not work well then your ping will come more and your enemy will kill you.

Gaming Headphones for BGMI

You should also have a good headset so that you can hear the sound of the enemy, If you don’t get the sound of the slaves well, you won’t even know when the slave went after hitting you from behind. Therefore use a good Headphone or Earphone.

Perfect Sensitivity of BGMI (Battleground Mobile India)

A good BGMI Sensitivity only helps you to do AIM, so you must have a good and own Battlegrounds Mobile India Sensitivity.

Crosshair Placement

If your bullets hit the enemy’s head, then he dies quickly, so try to always keep your AIM on the enemy’s head.

Must Gyroscope for Recoil

Most people do not use Gyroscope, but you have to try that you use Gyroscope as much as possible because it helps you to improve your aim.

Aim Assist Settings

Aim Assist lets you AIM on a friend, so always keep Aim Assist on whenever you play with your friends.

TDM & Traning Mode Practice

Play more and more TeamDeathMatch at least 5-6 matches daily so that your AIM becomes good and you become a pro player as soon as possible.

You have to practice as much as you can, at least 30 – 40 minutes daily in the training grounds so that your movement and AIM become good.

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