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PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event Release date 2022

How to get Falcon in PUBG Mobile Lite in this Present post, And about how to get Falcon for free

  • Falcon is a bird that is on the Character's shoulder in the game and emotes according to the character's movement, it is very attractive

PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event Release date, PUBG lite falcon (Companion) unlock free, Falcon Update You will be able to know more about all these through Notes Patch.

PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event Release date, PUBG lite falcon (Companion) unlock free, Falcon Update
PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event

Everyone is eagerly waiting to know when the Falcon event will Release, the craze of Falcon has increased a lot due to the last ( Lucky Spin ) event, the player wishes that He too has a Falcon and has been able to enjoy it with the item.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event

The event is for a limited time and in this way only Falcon Event Limited will come, this event is going to be available for 15 to 20 days. event on any occasion Will be released on free event in which this time can be.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Falcon Event ( Companion ) Patch Note

20210609 192541 min -

It was announced by the developer in 2022 through game patch notes that Falcon can be seen in Pubg mobile lite on 18 May. However, he has also given a hint that it will be available only in the update download, now 0.23.0 update is coming soon.

PUBG Mobile Lite New Falcon Event Update will begin on 2022.

What can Falcon do?

What does the Falcon do and why so many people like it so it means it’s very attractive And it enhances the character’s beauty. Falcon has different flips because it also emotes by following the character’s movement.

Can unlock the Falcon?

Yes, you can unlock falcon ko but in PUBG Mobile Lite when it becomes available in event or shop then you can get it for free and also buy

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