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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Winner Pass Release Now – 1 to 30 WP All Rewards List

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 has arrived today. Know the rewards from 1 wp to 30 wp right now, this time is Outfit, Gun skin, Boat skin, Emote OP.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Winner Pass: Winner Pass is 24 end, players of season 25 were waiting, winner pass 25 has finally arrived. And today in this post, we will know that which rewards have come in Winner pass 25, know

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Winner Pass

The only reason Winner pass is most famous is That every time such a good outfit and gun skin, more Winner Pass are given in 25, due to which it is liked by every player of PUBG Mobile Lite.

The special thing to buy in it is that when it is purchased. So at that time, we have to give 280bc purchase and then we do not have to give bc to buy the next Winner Pass 25. Because we can also buy it by collecting free bc continuously.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Winner Pass

What is Winner Pass

Winner pass is part of a collection that comes every month in PUBG Mobile Lite And which most players like. Which we can buy for 280 Bc. And by completing the mission given in the Winner Pass, we can take all the items inside it.

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How To Upgrade Season 25 Winner Pass

  • First, open PUBG Mobile Lite and go to the lobby
  • Click on the WP option in the lobby
  • Click on purchase to buy Winner Pass 25
  • Will be able to buy Winner Pass only for 280 Bc

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 25 Winner Pass All Rewards

All these rewards are given step by step from 1 wp to 30 wp.

  • Romantic Catgirl Set and Emote
  • Season portable closet
  • 35 BC
  • 2× EXP Card
  • Neko Sakura Pan ( Romantic Catgirl Headgear )
  • Mission Card ( Season 25 )
  • BP Coin ( 2× BP Card )
  • Fortune Kitty Backpack
  • 2× BP Card
  • Ninja Kitty Mask
  • 50 BC
  • Mission Card ( Season 25 )
  • Gold kitten Helmet
  • 2× BP Card
  • Silver
  • 50 BC
  • 2× Exp Card
  • Ninja Kitty Bag pack
  • 2× BP Card
  • Wp crate
  • 50 BC
  • Exp 2×
  • Ninja Kitty Set
  • 2× BP
  • Silver
  • 50 BC
  • 2× Exp
  • Neko sakure Speed Boat

In the video, you can also see the current rituals through the YouTube of Wp 25

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