Why is player id banned in pubg mobile lite? Full Details

The id ban system in PUBG Mobile Lite is developed to prevent cheating in the game and a 10-year ban is imposed on the id when players play using hack, config, GFX tool and any third-party app in the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite id ban
PUBG Mobile Lite

Whenever a player has an account in the game, it is due to some reason, in which the reasons given below can be present –

  • Use any cheating tools in the game
  • Use any plug-in/auxiliary programs
  • Any changes in client file data illegally
  • Team games with cheating (hack, config) teammates multiple times.

How to Protect PUBG Mobile Lite Account

How to protect your account from stealing:

  1. Use a different password for each game account
  2. Change password from time to time
  3. Do not share your account information 
  4. Use official PUBG Mobile Lite client

Note: If the player in India plays the game using vpn even after the ban, then it is not legal, by doing so Id may be banned.

Some YouTubers id is also banned at this time? Know the reason

Many YouTubers try different ways to make the game play well, including cheats like config files, and this is against the security of a pubg mobile lite, and some youtubers claim that That his team mate used a hack tool which led to the team’s ID ban with him, although the id can also be banned in this way, so avoid such tools from user players.

What is Config of PUBG Mobile Lite

Config to decrease and increase the graphic in pubg mobile lite and YouTubers claim that it also increases gun damage, but it can get your id banned

How many bans are there in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Mostly PUBG lite account 10 years and 30 minutes, 1day, 7 days, 15 days it is decided based on your cheat

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