Free Fire OB31 Update Date, Size, Server, Download, Patch Notes, advance server release date

Free fire OB31 Advance server details 

Garena Free Fire OB31 Update: If you want to know about Free Fire OB31 release date, advance server pre-registration release date and patch notes. when all these OB31 updates will arrive. This is the expected release date of OB31, it is not officially announced by Garena Free Fire, this is also the typical release date of OB31 from our team.

Free Fire OB31 Update release date

The OB update comes every 2 months in Free Fire, so the release date of OB31 will come on 29 November 2021.  Your advanced server will also open 3 weeks before the release date this server and at that time you will be prepared to play in it with the activation of the advanced server easily.

Free fire OB31 Advance server details 

CompanyGarena free fire
Advance server date8th November
OB31 release date29th November
Advance server linkClick here

Free fire OB31 Advance server pre-registration date

Advance server pre-registration is started 3 weeks before the release date, and after 5 days we can play in an advance server with the comfort of the advance server’s activation key.  Accordingly, but OB31 Advance server pre-registration date will be started on 8th November 2021 and registration will be closed on 13th November and from 14th November you will be eligible to play Advance server for the second 8 days i.e. on 24th November advance server will be shut down.

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How to register free fire OB31 Advance Server for activation key?
  • Go to the website of Advance Server of Free Fire.
  •  After visiting the Free Fire Advance Server website, you will require to log in with your Facebook account
  •  you will have to download the file of the advanced server
  •  You will want activation to play your advanced server
  •  You may have to wait for a few days to bring the activation key
  •  As soon as you get the activation key you will be able to appreciate the advanced server game

Free Fire OB31 Advance server Size?

The size of the OB31 update is Approx 458 MB for Android devices. For iOS devices, the size is expected to be 1.2 GB

Free fire advance server download ob31

Download from the official website of

Free Fire advance server download OB31 activation code

Go to the website of Advance Server of Free Fire.

OB31 update release time?

Ob31 update time is GMT 2:30 close and open 8:30

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