How to change PUBG Mobile Lite Server

How to change PUBG Mobile Lite Server

How to change PUBG Mobile Lite Server: While playing PUBG Mobile Lite, if a player from another server invites you to his team, then your server becomes like him. Know how to select Server in PUBG Mobile Lite.

How to change PUBG Mobile Lite Server

In PUBG Mobile Lite, most of the players play on the Asia server, so usually, the player has to do the Asia server. like if you By mistake get Europe or North-South America server, then you can select an Asia server in other ways.

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Top 3 Way to change PUBG Mobile Lite Server

In these 3 days, you can adopt whatever you is right to select or change.

Going to Asia player’s team

  • See in the friend list of the game that if a player is with the team of Asia, then you send him an invite.
  • Once the invite is accepted by the team, your server will change to Asia and you will be able to play with any player in the Asia server again
  • Keep in mind that you should not accept the invitation of a player with a different server again.

Global & World Chat to change Server

  • Click on Global or World Chat option of PUBG Mobile lite and there you will see the player chat of other server in Global
  • In global chat you message and write “invite me any Asia player” and you will get invitation, you accept it, after that your server will be in Asia.

Change server with PUBG Lite repair options

  • This method is slightly different from the above methods, log out pubg lite
  • Login dashboard will open and you can click on repair option given on the right side and repair with default setting
  • After that open the game again and login your server will be asia.

How to change server in Pubg lite without vpn

In this article top 3 methods will be told without vpn, without vpn you will be able to change pubg lite server

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