PUBG Mobile Lite Spin Rewards 2021: How to get rewards of Lucky Spin

PUBG Mobile Lite Spin Rewards: How to get rewards of Lucky Spin – PUBG Mobile Lite spin and lucky spin are different and it is completely dependent on luck. That’s why it is called lucky spin and it has very good and best rewards which are set in a spin.

PUBG Mobile Lite Draw

PUBG Mobile Lite Spin Rewards

There are two types of PUBG Mobile lite Lucky spin, when the rewards are out in one lucky draw, they do not repeat, although the price in this spin is high. And in the second spin, the rewards are repeated even when they are out and its price is slightly less.

Rewards List of lucky spin

PUBG Mobile Lite Spin
  • Rare Outfit
  • Gun Skin
  • Helmet skin
  • Vehicle Skin
  • Headgear Skin
  • Backpack Skin

How to get rare items in Lucky spin for less bc? Lucky spin is like Luck, there is no guarantee that even if you spend 10000 bc, it will go out, in this, you can still try your luck.

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Redeem Fragments

Redeem Fragments

When you do not get the desired rewards in LUCKY Spin, you can claim that gun, helmet, bike skin and golden fragments from Redeem Fragments.

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How to get Forest ELF Set (Jonathan set) In PUBG Mobile Lite

Forest ELF Set

You can get rare items by collecting Golden Fragments from the points received in Lucky Spin, it is easy to convert gold spin coins into Fragments. You will be able to get Forest ELF Set from 120 Golden Fragments and you can read free bc an article to get it for free.

In how many days does Pubg Lucky Spin come new?

Lucky spin comes new in 19 to 20 days, along with this 90% off the outfit is added in the shop section which you can buy from 90bc.


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