How to get free NC for PUBG New State in 2021

How to get free NC for PUBG New State: The full Form of Nc in PUBG New State is new state currency which player needs to buy these game items, Nc has a lot of roll in the game, like Survival Pass Vol, Lucky Spin, Crate open, Gun skin, Outfit set’s, room card, rename card etc. To get free Nc, you will know about the price and also related to it.

PUBG New State Free Nc

What is NC in PUBG New State?

There are different currency to buy in the game, in the way UC is “Unknown Cash” in Pubg and BGMI and BC is “battle coin” in Pubg lite and Nc Currency in Pubg new state which can be called by the name of New State Currency. This coin is used to take rare outfit or item, it can be bought from google play, and debit card, net banking etc.

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PUBG New State price list

This price is to be bought within the official game, see below to know the nc and bonus nc according to the price –

NC 300Rs 89
NC 1500 + 80 Rs 449
NC 3600 + 250 Rs 1,099
NC 15000 + 1800Rs 4,499
NC 9300 + 930Rs 2,749
NC 30000 + 5000 –Rs 8,900
PUBG New State NC (New State Currency)

PUBG New State free NC generator?

Be it PUBG or Pubg New State some players expect that they will be able to generate uc, nc in their id for free and Come in this round we try to generate free uc in different ways and even though it’s not possible That you can generate Nc for free from any app, site and link. By doing this your game’s id/account may be banned.

Details to get free Nc in PUBG New State

To get free Nc in PUBG New State, you can use PUBG free Nc Earn apk, although with these you will be able to earn and get it in Nc game.

Pubg New State free
NC redeem Codes

PUBG New State coupon code
image via on PUBG new state redemption

Free NC for PUBG New State is using redeem codes. PUBG New State redeem codes are shared by content creators and more. you can use PUBG New State redeem coupon code:

  • Open the PUBG New State Official Code Redemption.
  • Enter the Coupon Code/Redeem Code and Account ID
  • your rewards will be in the Mail section of PUBG New State

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards
Image via – Google Opinion Rewards

It is a rewards-based program used by millions of users globally. Google’s application allows players to provide Play credits/balances for completing quick and straightforward surveys. Later, these credits can be used to buy PUBG New State NC directly in the game

Giveaway (content creators)

PUBG New State streamers on YouTube give away many gifts and the prize sets are incredibly attractive most of the time. Participating in such gifts can be useful if you need diamonds. However, players will still need to rely on their luck to win such NC.

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How to Top up in PUBG New State

image via – PUBG New State
  • Open the PUBG New State Game
  • Click on NC coin and then you will see two types of NC BUY option, Package and Purchase then choose your choice
  • Then click on the Nc buy button and you will be able to buy from the Google Play store’s Redeem code or another payment method.

How to get 1500 NC in PUBG New State for free Survival Pass

PUBG New State survival pass

To buy Survival Pass (Royale pass) in PUBG New State it is necessary to have at least 1500 nc, will be able to upgrade with the help of 1500 nc,For free nc survival pass, you can use earning app which is mentioned in this article.

What is the price of the Survival Pass in PUBG New State

Survival Pass Price in PUBG New State: You can purchase it in two ways, you will be able to buy in premium pass- 1500 NC and premium pass plus- 3000 NC.
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