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How to Upgrade Survivor Pass Vol 1 In PUBG New State

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol 1: PUBG New State has been launched in India, with that players want to take Royale Pass i.e. Survivor Pass Vol 1 like this PUBG, We will also talk about how you can get it for free by taking Free NC.

PUBG New State Survivor Pass

PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol 1
PUBG New State Survivor Pass Vol 1

Survivor pass in PUBG New State contains a collection of items These rewards are available on completing missions and similarly a Survivor pass (SP) has 50 levels, in which different rewards are available.

How to upgrade pubg new state survivor pass vol 1

  • Open the Pubg New State Game
  • After entering the lobby of Pubg New State, click on the Survivor Pass section.
  • Survivor pass vol 1 is out now so it will need NC to upgrade
  • You can buy it in two ways, you will be able to buy in premium pass – 1500 NC and premium pass plus – 3000nc
  • Buy 1500 NC, it will be cheaper for you and then you can collect rewards by levelling up

What is the difference between premium pass and premium pass plus

Premium passPremium pass plus
50 Premium rewards Unlocked (Can be obtained upon level Up)Obtain ek golden mask of Hunter Instantly! ( LVL 1 Exclusive )
NAIncrease 15 Levels (Worth 6000 NC)
NAObtains 7 chicken medals instantly!
NA50 Premium rewards Unlocked (Can be obtained upon level Up)

How to Top up in PUBG New State

How to Top up in PUBG New State
  • Open the PUBG New State Game
  • Click on NC coin and then you will see two types of NC BUY option, Package and Purchase then choose your choice
  • Then click on the Nc buy button and you will be able to buy from the Google Play store’s Redeem code or another payment method.

PUBG New State In Game Price List

300 NCINR 89
1500 + 50 (Bonus)INR 449
3600 + 250 NCINR 1099
9300 + 930 NCINR 2749
15000 + 1800 NCINR 4499
30000 + 5000 NCINR 8900
Package of nc
30000 NC + 30 Chicken MedalINR 899
30000 NC + 15000 NC BonusINR 8900
Spacial package

How to get Free NC In PUBG New State

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards (Image via Google Play Store)

It is a rewards-based program used by millions of users globally. Google’s application allows players to provide Play credits/balances for completing short and straightforward surveys. Later, these credits can be used to buy PUBG New State directly in the game.

What Is NC In PUBG New State

PUBG New State has NC currency, through which you can buy a lot of things in the game, it is used more for rewards in the game. Next you will also be able to know what is the full form of NC.

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