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Lau Wan Gaming; Sensitivity, PUBG Lite ID -Lau Wan Gaming Config User?

Lau Wan Gaming; Sensitivity, PUBG Lite ID -Lau Wan Gaming Config User?

Lau Wan Gaming; Sensitivity, PUBG Lite id -Lau Wan Gaming Config User? Lau Wan Gaming is a Chinese player, PUBG Mobile lite’s GamePlay is their best.

PUBG Mobile Lite players want to know whether they use Lau wan config in the game or not, otherwise, you will also be able to know in this post.

Lau Wan Gaming

This YouTuber is from the country of the Philippines and he is working hard on youtube since 2019 And now in 2021 his channel has completed 100k subscribers and It publishes on YouTube for the GamePlay audience of pubg lite and the players like the style of their game.

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Lau Wan Gaming Sensitivity settings

5 Finger claw + Gyro Scope
Camera Sensitivity
ADS Sensitivity
Gyro Scope Sensitivity

Lau Wan Gaming PUBG Lite ID & Device

NameLau Wan
PUBG Lite ID 7212848621
DeviceRealme 6
YouTube ChannelClick here
  1. Lau Wan a Config user?

    In his previous video, Lau Wan had revealed the viewer in his sensitivity video, in which 400 gyroscope sensitivity was happening. Although the default 200 comes in the game and cannot increase the sensitivity more than that in the game it is possible from the config file, So according to the first video, Lau wan can be called a config user.

lau Wan vs God Praveen YT

lau wan is a fast player, its movement is very good, and in this video of lau wan gaming vs god Praveen YT, God Praveen Yt was finished.

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