PUBG Mobile Lite: Top 5 Best Outfits In The Game

How to get free outfits, set and use premier coupon in pubg mobile lite, Learn about many ways to get the rare dress, legendary in PUBG lite, Will be able to redeem step and Redeem code of outfits received from redeeming code.

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Top 5 PUBG Mobile Lite Outfits

There are many such outfits in PUBG Mobile Lite, but players like some outfits more and will learn about how to get them.

Forest Elf Set (Jonathan Set)

PUBG Mobile Lite: Top 5 Best Outfits In The Game
Price – 120 Fragments

Mummy Set

Mummy Set
Price – 120 Fragments

Avian Tyrant Set

Price – 120 Fragments

Arctic Witch Set

Price – 120 Fragments

Smooth Hitman Set (Cat)

Price – 120 Fragments

How to get this Outfit of PUBG Mobile Lite

I will tell about Two ways to get these outfits, although you will need bc coin to get these outfits, And how to get free bc, or click to know how to buy.

1. Premier Outfit Crate
Premier Outfit Crate

By opening this crate, you will be able to collect Golden Fragments, on opening a 360 bc crate, you get a chance to open the Golden Fragments Crate. In which you can get 10, 5, 2, 1 Golden Fragments by trying your luck, by doing this you can also get the legend gun skin. And about free fragments.

2. Lucky Spin

In Lucky Spin you can get Gold coin and item by spin and can replace Fragment with Gold coin And by dismantle the re-opened reward, you can get 15 Fragment and more.

PUBG Mobile Lite Outfit Redeem codes

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How To apply PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code

  • First of all copy the above redeem code
  • Copy the id of your PUBG Mobile Lite account
  • Click here to go to this PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem Code
  • Put id numbers in the section above
  • Then redeem the redeem code given in this article one by one by filling in the CAPTCHA.
  • Go to the mail option of Pubg Mobile Lite and collect items and outfits.
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