Join Now !! BGMI Giveaway On BGMI Official YouTube Channel

BGMI Giveaway On BGMI YouTube This opportunity is rare in BGMI because this opportunity comes occasionally, so don’t ignore it, And soon join this wonderful Giveaway Campion of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) comment on it and get a chance to win.

This is a different type of giveaway and it is a very simple way to join on BGMI Giveaway, in which a permanent outfit set is kept as a reward for winning.

BGMI Giveaway
image via – Battlegrounds Mobile India Official YouTube Channel

How To Join BGMI Giveaway

You must be a BGMI player to participate in the giveaway And follow the below step to join –

  • Go to the official YouTube channel of BGMI, Click Here to go direct on YouTube Channel
  • After knowing on the YouTube channel, go to the Community tab and go to the existing giveaway post
  • Subscribe to “Battlegrounds Mobile India”
  • Drop a comment with answer your answer
  • Use the hashtag #BGMIXARCANE and #BGMI, include Your UID In Comment section.
  • Write in comment, why you love the Mirror World and you have a chance to win a permanent Arcane suit!
  • Get Your Squad to like your comment increase your chances to win ! Get Commenting

How till is the BGMI Contest (Giveaway)

This BGMI giveaway gift will start on 7th December and end by 12th December this time the player has got a lot of time to join.

Arcane win Rewards List


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