BGMI Server error: why BGMI server down? fix

BGMI Server error: why BGMI server down? fix: Battleground Mobile India was launched after the ban in pubg mobile India, as you know pubg mobile accounts were transferred to bgmi although that process was still going on recently this process will be closed. Due to which load has been seen on the server and BGMI Server error, server authentication error and although this problem is coming during bgmi login.

BGMI Server error: why BGMI server down? fix, BGMI server authentication error
BGMI Server error: why BGMI server down? fix

bgmi is getting server problems logging in with Twitter, Facebook, email although many players think that their id is banned but it is not so this is also a server error from bgmi side which can be a maintenance break Although this will be fixed soon.

How to fix BGMI server error, authentication error

And if you are thinking that we can fix this error manually, then it is not, although it is a server error and it is not in your hands to fix the server, although it will be fixed from bgmi side which will help you soon. will not have to face this problem.

Do not try to fix it manually and do not fall into any DNSor any VPN because if you do this then it can be the wrong way for your ID because it can ban your ID, so any Do not use third party applications or anything.

If you are thinking that we will delete the BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) and reinstall it then this is a misunderstanding, in this way this problem will not be solved, although as I have told you that this is a server issue, so do not try to do this.

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