How to improve Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay using best tips (2022)

How to improve Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay – Pro as soon as you hear the name of this word, every person who plays BGMI game wants to become a pro in bgmi game, pro means the player who plays begin game well, so today I will tell you bgmi Main Pro Player Kaise Bane. I m going to give some such tips and advice.

How to improve Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay (2022
How to improve Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay (2022

Tips to improve Battlegrounds Mobile India gameplay

So that very soon you will become a pro player in BGMI game and no one will be able to call you a noob in this game, you can become an expert player of this game by following the tips given by me.

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Whenever it comes to playing Battle Grounds game, then if you have more movements than the team ahead of you, the damage of bullets fired from the gun by the enemy will be very less on you. With the movements, keep in mind that to make your aim Bahrain or to avoid damage, jump, crouch, and prone should also be, which is an advance.

To make the movements faster, customize the layout and keep the joystick at 50% so that it can be quickly left and right, and the speed of movements will be better than the previous layout.

Weapon combinations

If you look at Bgmi like this, there are many guns. However, we have to keep the combination better than the gun so that you can damage the front enemy with more and perfect aim. That’s why you need attachments as well as combinations. That’s why you have to use the best attachment so that you can play the game like a pro player.


When you can control the control of the game well, then you will be able to give the best performance in your gameplay, so you should apply your according sensitivity. Or you can perfect yourself in the sensitivity given below by us in bgmi.

Ads setting

By using this setting in bgmi game, you can increase or decrease the speed of rotation of the camera of your game, many people keep it on high but if you are a new player then play it low.


To do M in gyroscope, you only have to feed your phone to the right or left side, this causes the camera to move around automatically, If you want to use it, then go to the Gyro setting and turn on the gyroscope and you can play the game without it.

use of scope

Whenever you are taking a fight with anime and enemy in any match of Bgmi, then using scope while taking the night will make it easy for you to take the fight because by using scope the enemy will interact with your player.


To become a pro player in bgmi, you must have a good phone, along with it it is very important to have good quality headphones or earphones because with this you can find out the sound of the feet of the anime. coming from the side.

Whatever things I have told to become a pro player, you cannot become soul mortal by correcting these things, but your gameplay means that the way of playing will be very good already, and people will start calling you a pro player.

Mobile Phone

If you want to become a pro player in bgmi then you need to have a good phone because this game works very slowly on small phones and due to this you start getting your game leg while playing this game. The phone should have at least 4GB of RAM, the processor must be 2 GHz and the memory should be 64GB, the screen should be from 5.6 to 6 inches.

Practice in training mode

If you want the tag of pro player in bgmi, then for this you have to practice continuously to play it, you can practice by going to training mode, to practice a lot in bgmi (battlegrounds Mobile India).

Sniper training

By going to sniper training mode, you will get a lot of sniper guns and scopes, and using this you can practice sniping so that your distant target will be better.

War mode

In this mode, you get a chance to practice continuously because in this the player of your bgmi game does not end and you can practice in a match for 10 minutes.

TDM warehouse mode

In TDM Warehouse mode, you already have the option to choose a gun, you can choose either auto gun or sniper gun, whatever you want, this match is also for 10 minutes, so you can pass with another player.

Reflexes and reaction time

Players in BGMI must be fast and agile. Players must know how to prone, jump effectively So that they do not give the enemies a chance to attack them, and they can instantly respond to enemy assaults. Players should also practice TDM to enhance their reflexes and practice regularly.

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