PUBG Mobile Lite: How to push conqueror in 7 days

PUBG Mobile Lite: How to push conqueror in 7 days, Season13 – To push the ranks early in the PUBG Mobile Lite, you have to follow some tips along with gun combinations. With the help of which you will reach Conqueror in a few days and you will get the Conqueror Frame in a few day.

PUBG Mobile Lite: How to push conqueror in 7 days, Season13
PUBG Mobile Lite Conqueror

There are many of PUBG Mobile Lite users worldwide and most of them are keen to reach the top level & Rank push of the game.

#1 Focus more on winning the game

Whenever you play solo, duo, squad, you have to focus of one thing especially whether you kill more in the match or not but you have to win every match. If you don’t win every match then you have to decide that you have to be in top 10 That unless you come in top 10 every match, you will get good points and rank points will decrease and if you get good points then you will be able to push conqueror rank quickly.

#2 Which place on the map will be safe for you to land?

Whenever you do rank push, then at that time you have to focus that you always have to land at a place where you can get better loot. And there the amount of anime should be less so that enemy can not kill you while looting you and so that you can loot well and then you fight then it will be beneficial for you for conqueror rank push.

#3 Best Gun Combination

It is very important to have gun combination while pushing the ranks and let us tell you that whenever you have a good gun combination, your chances of winning close and long fights increase.That’s why you have to use an assault rifle and a shotgun in a gun combination, if you don’t use a shotgun you can use an AR Gun and a sniper So that will help you a lot in close and long range.

#4 Improving your Aim skills

To improve your aim, you have to first take the help of such mode in which your rank is not down like you can take the help of TDM or War Mode. so that your skill and m can be good.

#5 Sensitivity settings

Sensitivity Settings are extremely important for a player’s PUBG Mobile lite as it helps them to increase their aim and control their repetition.

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