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PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass: 1 to 30 (WP) Free Rewards Of Season 32 Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass: finally winner pass 31 is released. How to get free rewards given in winner pass from 1 to 30 wp mission and when will the upcoming Winner pass 32 roll out.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

Missions are unlocked according to the weak in Winner Pass 31, week 2 gets open in 7-8 days, it has 4 weeks And if you have Mission Pass Winner Pass EZ Mission License then week 2 will also be unlocked.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

Winner Pass has a store or collection consisting of cosmetic and item related items that are new every month.

Detail of Winner Pass

  • Complete at least 10 mission during a week to collect the elite crate rewards.
  • Only mission completed during that week will count
  • Both winner pass daily and challenge mission are eligible

How to Collect Winner Pass Points

Winner Pass Missions
  • PUBG Lite Complete mission to earn a wp points Increase rank to claim rewards
  • Rare rewards can be purchased with bc or bp after reaching a certain winner pass rank, or purchased with wp points after reaching rank 30
  • Currently, winner pass missions can’t be completed in war and TDM.

Weekly mission with are subject to friend bonuses from the following list:

Winner pass
  1. 30wp point if there is 1 friend who purchased the wp in your squad
  2. 45wp point if there is 2 friend who purchased the wp in your squad
  3. 60wp point if there is 3 friend who purchased the wp in your squad

Determined by the number off friends who have purchased winner pass at mission completion

Note – missions completed using mission cards are not eligible for friend bonus

Winner Pass EZ Mission License

Winner Pass EZ Mission License

Perk 1: weekly challenge missions are Unlocked 1-week, beginning at week l. All challenge missions are unlocked by week 3

Perk 2: two free mission cards each week beginning

at the week I until the end of the season. Mission cards for each week can only be collected during that week

Perk 3: Skip the 10 mission requirement in week 4 and open the elite chest of the week directly. Purchase

Perk 4: The more consecutive WP purchases you make, the cheaper the EZ Mission License becomes. Buy 3 consecutive Winner Passes to get the EZ Mission License for free!
Note: You can only purchase or collect your EZ Mission License if you have purchased

Upcoming Winner Pass season 32 Rewards and Free Rewards leaks

All Free and Upgraded Rewards Of Winner Pass Season 31

  1. How to get free winner pass 32

    If you want to take free winner pass 30 in PUBG Mobile Lite, then you can take it for free as all players know. that we need BC to buy winner pass then we have to earn free bc and we can buy winner pass 31 from those BC.

  2. How much bc is needed for winner pass

    We can purchase winner pass 31 in two ways. First Elite pass 280bc and Elite plus 800 bc
    You can purchase any winner pass you want and enjoy the rewards.

  3. PUBG Mobile Lite Season 32 Winner Pass Release date? Leaks Rewards Soon !

    PUBG Mobile Lite Season 32 Winner Pass will begin on January 1, 2021, at 7:30 a.m. (IST

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