Top 5 BGMI/PUBG India YouTuber and Streamer In India (2022)

Top 5 BGMI/PUBG India YouTubers and Streamers In India (2022):- Who is BGMI King in India, There are many YouTubers and Streamers in India who stream Battlegrounds Mobile India/PUBG India on YouTube.

Whose Subscribers are Millions and they entertain people by coming live on their YouTube every day? Today we are going to rank these YouTubers, this ranking will be on the Subscribers of their YouTube channel.

Whose more Subscribers will be ranking like that and we are the top 5 YouTubers in that ranking who live stream on regular YouTube.

Top 5 BGMI/PUBG India YouTuber and Streamer In India (2022)
Top 5 BGMI/PUBG India YouTuber and Streamer In India (2022)

Top 5 Best BGMI India YouTubers and Streamer In India

  1. Dynamo Gaming
  2. Mortal
  3. ScoutOP
  4. Antaryami Gaming
  5. Jonathan Gaming

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Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is India’s largest YouTube Streamer of BGMI/PUBG Mobile, which streams BGMI/PUBG Mobile India on his channel every day, he has more than 10 Million + Subscribers on YouTube.

There are more than 2 Miilion+ Followers on Instagram, this is the highest among YouTubers of any BGMI/PUBG Mobile The real name of Dynamo Gaming is Aditya Sawant and he hails from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

He started his Gaming Channel 11 Years Ago. And today they have 9.8 Million Subscribers.


Mortal real name is Naman Mathur, he is one of the top Streamers of BGMI/PUBG Mobile who do Live Streams of BGMI/PUBG Mobile on his channel every day.

He is an Esports Player and YouTube Streamer, he Entertains Logo on Live Stream He has more than 6.8 Million Subscribers on his YouTuber And has more than 3 Million Subscribers on Instagram He hails from Mumbai He plays Esports for Team Soul.

Scout OP

Scout is a Professional YouTuber, Esports Player and Gamer who plays BGMI/PUBG Mobile and different Games on his YouTube channel every day. He has more than 4.2 Million + Subscribers on YouTube and more than 2.8 Million Subscribers on Instagram Scout’s real name is Tanmay Singh. He is from Gujrat, he is also one of the best streamers of BGMI/PUBG Mobile.

Antaryami Gaming

The real name of Antaryami Gaming is Rishabh Verma, he has 2 channels on his YouTube channel. And on Antaryami Gaming Channel he does Live Streams of BGMI/PUBG Mobile regularly, he likes his unique voice a lot. He does Funny and Comedy Live Streams on his channel, he has more than 3.6 Million Subscribers on YouTube and more than 300K Followers on Instagram.


Jonathan Gaming He is a Professional Esports Player, Youtube Streamer and Gamer, he does a Live Stream of Daily BGMI/PUBG Mobile on his YouTuber Channel and people like to watch his Gameplay. He is one of the Top Esports Players in India, he has more than 3.7 Million Subscribers on YouTube and more than 1 Million Followers on Instagram. He pays more attention to the gameplay and people come to watch the gameplay on his Live Streams.

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These were India’s Top 5 BGMI/PUBG Mobile YouTubers and Streamers. Its ranking has been made based on its Subscribers Count.

  1. How many BGMI players in India (2022)

    Currently, BGMI has 16 million daily active users and 1.8 million peak concurrent users.

  2. Who is BGMI King in India (2022)

    Jonathan is the goat of BGMI, India cannot have a consistent player like Jonathan. Jonathan is the best BGMI King in India. Jonathan tops the list of top BGMI players in India

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