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You must have often seen Piyush Joshi in the videos of Saurabh Joshi vlogger. many of his videos have Piyush Joshi. Piyush Joshi is very famous at such a young age and you must know that Saurav Joshi is a famous vlogger of India.

Piyush Joshi is Saurabh Joshi’s younger brother. he plays a good role in Vlogging videos even at a young age and is also seen having fun with his pet dog named Oreo.

Saurabh Joshi Vlogger is popular in Vlogging India. it is he who uploads his blogging videos on the YouTube platform. he has named his own YouTube channel Saurabh Joshi vlogging.

Piyush Joshi

Real NamePiyush Joshi
YouTube ChannelPiyush Joshi Gaming
Total Subscriber30 Lakhs
Father NameGirish Chandra Joshi
Mother NameRama Joshi
Brother NameNakul Joshi
Piyush Joshi contactInstagram – @piyushjoshi09

Piyush Joshi Gaming (Youtube channel)

Sourav recently got the setup for Piyush Joshi. He created a new channel for Piyush by the name of Piyush Joshi Gaming. currently, there are more than 1 million subscribers on that channel.

Saurabh Joshi also told about the channel that only gaming content will be uploaded on this channel. some blogging videos will also be shared on the channel.

Piyush Joshi Gaming Pc prize

Piyush Joshi’s PC setup is of advanced level and the price of all the parts added inside the setup is around 5 Lakh. if you want to know about the specification of this PC then you can read below.

Piyush Joshi Gaming Pc Setup Specifications

PC Processor RYZEN 9 (AMD)
Motherboard MSI Motherboard unify X570
Ram Tridentz RGB 32 RAM
SSDCorsair 1TB SSD MP600 Gen4
Hard-disk WB 4TB
Graphic Card12 GB GeForce RTX (SPRIM)
Power Supply N2XT C850
Cabinet 011 XL Silver and white color with fan XL120
GPU and Motherboard cableAnti Spot Cable
2 Monitor MSI MAC 27423 (165 Hz Refresh Rate)
Total Cost (around)5,00,000 Rs

Saurabh Joshi has built this PC by Tech Burner on YouTube. Tech Burner is also a Tech Famous YouTuber of India and he has done the games on this PC. its video is below if you want you can see.

Piyush Joshi
img via on Instagram – @piyushjoshi09

Piyush Joshi met with triggered Insaan

Saurabh Joshi went to Triggered Insaan house and met him as well as Piyush Joshi had also gone there and Piyush Joshi liked seeing the Triggered Man’s set up there, so Saurabh Joshi decided to get PC setup.

Piyush Joshi gaming monthly income

Piyush Joshi gaming monthly income

The monthly income of the Piyush Joshi gaming channel. According to the social blade, Piyush Joshi earning is between $4k to 30k.

Piyush Joshi gaming first video

Piyush Joshi gaming first video made a record in the YouTube community because Piyush Joshi first video is trending one section in the gaming category within 24 hours and also bring 500k + subscribers.

Recently Piyush Joshi has prepared a gaming setup for Saurabh Joshi. although he also wants Piyush Joshi to become a good creator along with his studies. Piyush Joshi is often interested in sports and involved in those games. Free Fire, etc, and Piyush Joshi is often seen playing the Minecraft game in blogging videos.

piyush Joshi, gaming

Piyush Joshi will steam Free Fire next and the stylish names of Free Fire IDs will be updated later in this article.

  1. Piyush Joshi gaming Real father name?

    Piyush Josh father name Shri Girish Chandra Joshi.

  2. Piyush Joshi gaming Real Mother Name name?

    Piyush Josh Mother name is Rama Joshi.

  3. what is the Mobile number of Piyush Joshi

    Any famous person never revealed his Phone number.

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