PUBG Mobile Bans 605,207 Accounts in a suspended of Permanently, Publishes List of Accounts Banned

605,207 accounts have been completely terminated in pubg mobile along with 4921 devices and And it has been shared from the official tweeting by pubg mobile that they have also removed about 27,744,520 followers and viewed online cheat ads in the last second week in which some youtube, Facebook, Instagram, device, and videos cheat creators. creators have also been removed and more attention has been removing fraudulent advertisements online.

In pubg mobile, players often adopt new ways to win and those methods are against the policy of the game, it also includes many types of hacks like speed hack, auto-aim hacks, x-ray vision, modification of area damage inside.

Ads cheats have been removed from the platforms list?

  • FACEBOOK – 535 Pages and groups
  • YOUTUBE – 8,538 Videos
  • INSTAGRAM – 745 Account
  • DEVICE BANNED – 4921

Banned Account Tier Details list

  • Bronze – 32%
  • Gold – 10%
  • Platinum – 8%
  • Diamond – 9%
  • Crown – 10%
  • Ace – 12%
  • Conqueror – 1%

How to report PUBG Mobile cheat? Follow these step

  • Select the platform of online cheat content in which you want to report the cheat.
  • If someone is constantly uploading videos related to cheats on the channel, then you can also report it to his channel by selecting him here. And if someone is chatting in live stream then you can copy his url and select that option here
  • Copy the URL related to the cheat here and hit the submit button and your form will be submitted after that action will be taken on it.
PUBG Mobile Bans 605,207 Accounts in a suspended of Permanently, Publishes List of Accounts Banned

Note: You should report only the content related to cheat here, do not share that content here at all which does not relate to any other cheat.

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