5 Best PUBG Mobile Lite Upgradeable Gun Skin, how to get Gun skin?

5 Best PUBG Mobile Lite Upgradeable Gun Skin, how to get Gun skin? Top 5 AR Gun skin – Every month an upgrade gun skin comes in PUBG Mobile Lite, but the game has such an upgrade gun. Which the player likes very much and is also popular in the game, the advanced form of those guns is osm, which gives the best look to the gun.

Whenever in-game updates come in the game by PUBG Mobile Lite Developer, the Gun skin is added to the workshop and after a few days, the Gun skin is added to the crate.

Lizard – M416

Lizard - M416

The gun skin of M416 is very popular in the game, and the color full kill effect of this gun skin is exactly like a rainbow and people go crazy after seeing it kill message. And after that, the players are waiting for Glacier M416.

Water Blaster – SCAR-L

Water Blaster - SCAR-L

water blaster scar- l skin is a cute gun like a toy and it looks like holi Gun but this is the best gun in sacr-l And one more gun Skin scar Gun is currently in the workshop, will be added soon in the crate.

Glacier – AKM

Glacier - AKM

Akm Glacier was rolled out in the game in winter update and players like glacier guns more, it looks like a mate and its loot crate is attractive.

8 – bit Unicorn – M762

8 - bit Unicorn - M762

This gun skin is in the pattern of blue and cartoon game and this barrel gun skin does not have to emote and it has a total of 5 levels, it looks amazing on its advanced form and final form.

Enchanted pumpkin – SCAR – L

Enchanted pumpkin - SCAR - L

How to see Upcoming Upgrade Gun skin?

  • Open PUBG Lite, Close the event and crate notice
  • Click on the workshop options
  • Choose upgrade Gun skin and see more features About Gun

How to buy Upgradeble gun skin in PUBG Mobile Lite

To buy Gun Skin you must have Bc coin and bc is the game currency and go to crate option to get Gun skin And you must have approx 1300 bc to get a gun skin, And also you should do crate opening, keep in mind that you should do 360 Bc crate opening so that more paints and materials come out.


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