Free Fire Elite Pass Season 46: Release Date, Leaks, Items and Rewards are here

Free Fire, Free fire max Elite Pass Season 46: Release, leaks Rewards, and Items With many rewards to be had in Free Fire, You get the Elite Pass every month during this Free Fire game, Elite Pass is one of the collections of free fires from which you can earn a lot of rewards, all for free

With the aid of the elite passes, you’ll be able to get cool items such as backpacks, gun skins and helmet skins, a glowing wall, loot container, accessories for your outfit, cosmetics and more.

In the free-fire it is possible to get the Elite Pass announced each month by the developer and in order to get it you must own the diamonds of the free-fire currency Diamonds can be purchased as currency in the free-fire with money. For this you can pay through Google Play, UPI, redemption code, paytm and so on.

Date and time of Free Fire elite pass Season 46

A free Fire Elite Pass Season 46 will start on March 1st, 2021. After that, you can upgrade and earn rewards, and its season will conclude on March 31, 2021.

Bundles, Rewards Leaks

Elite Pass is a combination of two types of Free Fire – Elite Pass 46 and the Elite Bundle. To be eligible for all the exclusive prizes you need to purchase elite-quality and elite bundles.

How to unlock Elite Pass in Free Fire for Free 2021

  • After you have played, you must close the event notification
  • Click on the button that says “elite” that appears on the screen as if it is the Lobby theme. Click on it and it goes
  • Click on upgrade and then open the elite pass 46
  • You can then collect rewards, Bundles, or gun skins.

What is Elite Pass?

FF Elite Pass It is a collection of more and better rewards are offered each month. There are many different types, including car skins helmets skin, helmets skin and bomb skins skate skin, and others. The Elite Pass 2 kinds are available.

  • Elite Pass ( cost – 499 diamonds )
  • Elite Pass Plus ( cost – 999 diamonds )

The diamond currency, allows you to purchase Elite Pass and claim the current rewards from the Elite Pass by completing missions quickly

There are two methods you can fill up your account in Free Fire, in the game, you’ll also be able to purchase diamonds at a reasonable price by dropping them, or purchasing weekly, and diamonds can also be purchased at a discounted price on third-party sites.

A variety of offers are on offer via Games Kharido

50 + 5040 Rs
100 +10080 Rs
310 + 310240 Rs
520 + 520400 Rs
1060 + 1060800 Rs
2180 + 21801600 Rs
5600 + 56004000 Rs

Purchase Diamonds at the SEAGM for just the amount of Rs.

110 Diamonds79 Rs
210 Diamonds175 Rs
231 Diamonds158 Rs
583 Diamonds523 Rs
1080 Diamonds870 Rs
2200 Diamonds1736
Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass Season 46: Release Date, Leaks, Items and Rewards are here

You can receive Free Fire Elite Pass 46 for free?

For Elite Pass 46 in Free Fire, elite Pass for 46 in Free Fire at no cost, you’ll have to install an Earning App through which you will be able to earn money and buy diamonds using its assistance. There are a variety of ways to make buying diamonds, and you can buy them for free or buy them from a third-party website that offers low-cost diamonds.

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