PUBG Mobile Lite Download [ APK+OBB] 2022

PUBG Mobile Lite Download [ APK+OBB] and 0.22.1 Latest version 2022 – PUBG is among the most popular games in the world. PUBG mobile boasts 400 million players, and more than 50 million players are playing the v0.22.2 game every day. One of the main reasons for its ability is its low hardware requirements.

Its PUBG Lite game is tiny and less than 500MB and doesn’t need any space. It is easy to install the game it has 8GB or 16 GB of internal storage.

PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG Mobile Lite was launched in India on the 27th of July 2019 and can be downloaded for free via the Google Play Store. The game is built upon Unreal Engine 4 and is the version that is watered down from the full version.

PUBG Mobile was available in Beta for nearly a year and was initially released in Indonesia. In addition, it’s now accessible for download in India and is available for download for free.

The game has already landed at the No.1 position on the Google play store within three days after its launch. The game has already been downloaded over 10,000 times in the hands of PUBG players.

PUBG Mobile Lite Specs Requirement

According to Tencent, players are required to need 2GB of RAM for playing this game. We’ve played the game on mobile devices with 1GB Ram but the game was slightly sluggish. There aren’t any graphics settings in the game It runs using a pre-set graphic mode.

In addition, you’ll need an additional 2 GB RAM to run it efficiently. It is compatible with all lower-end CPUs (MediaTek as well as Snapdragon) that use either Octa-Core or Quad-Core technology.

Finally, it needs a minimum of Android 4.03 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to be able to run. If you’re on Android Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, or Pie then you’ll be able to run the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Size APK, Download Free

The mobile version of Playerunknown Battlegrounds is 491 MB, and players can install it at no cost from the Google Play Store. It’s only available to Android users. There is no iOS version available.

Download Link for PUBG MOBILE LITE

You can also download the game on APK Pure If you wish to download an XAPK file.

Sources and Download Links:

  • Download PUBG From Google Play Store – Copy on Link in the browser to download.
  • Download XAPK PUBG Mobile Lite – click here
  • To Downloadfrom REXDL – APK and Game Data for PUBG Mobile Lite – Click here
  • Download – APK for PUBG Mobile Lite – Official website

A few other sources provide an unrestricted download of The PUBG Mobile LIITE APK and Data or the APK + OBB file. Check out some of the sources at the end of this article.

Why has PUBG MOBILE Lite being launched?

Tencent has created PUBG Lite in order to appeal to mobile users with low-end phones. PUBG is popular in India and everybody is eager to play. PUBG PC has been a huge success, and it broke the steam records for the most successful players.

Then, in order to reach more PC users (with normal configuration). A mobile emulator was made available to play games on PC. However, the gaming experience wasn’t great.

Then, the company launched the free-to-play PC Lite version of PUBG. Version.

Similar to the way PUBG Mobile was difficult to run on mobiles with lower specs the company has launched the PUBG Mobile Lite.

Fortnite however has not been able to reach larger people because Fortnite isn’t playable on the majority of mid-range phones.

1. Smaller Maps, Fewer Players, and fewer players

As opposed to the usual 100 participants that play the normal game in PUBG Mobile, the mobile version features 60 players. The maps are smaller and cover a total area of 2×2 km which is almost half the size of those maps in the initial version.

At present, the game features only one map of Erangel, and additional maps could be added in the future.

2. Less Recoil

The game’s mechanics are different from the normal PUBG Mobile version. There’s less recoil as you shoot the guns, which makes it much easier to hit your goal.

3. Aim Assist

Aim Assist helps to pinpoint gamers and strike them with greater precision. It can be too simple, which makes the playing experience monotonous. In the end, it’s the Aim Assist can make you smash enemies in the distance without any effort.

4. Lower Damage and Longer Time to Kill

The damage is greatly diminished during the gameplay. It takes a lot of time to eliminate the enemy and in some cases, you’ll need to empty your magazine, and the enemy may remain alive.

Damage is not the same as the entire game, with damage being significantly higher for all weapons.

5. Make sure to use boosters and heal them when Moving

Another exciting new aspect is the fact that users are able to make use of boosters and even heal while moving. This is among the greatest additions and Tencent plans to bring this feature to both the Full PC and mobile version.

6. A smaller size, fewer players and Maps with smaller sizes

The game can accommodate up to 60 instead of 100. Also, the maps have been made smaller and have a 10-minute game playtime. This makes the game intense, however, those who have played the full version might not enjoy this.

7. Lower Graphics and Detail

To ensure that the game plays smoothly on 2 GB RAM mobiles, the game’s developer has greatly reduced the terrain/object details.

The game’s graphics aren’t as great as its Full version, but despite that, it’s playable on phones with low-end specs.

8. Winner Pass

In addition, there’s an innovative concept of Winner Pass instead of the Royal Pass, which lets you gain more achievements quicker.

Mobile Bugs and Issues with Lite

  1. One of the biggest challenges for many players is the loss of damage. It’s incredibly small, and even body shots, if properly placed, aren’t enough to kill the enemy.
  2. Sometimes you’re unable to move your gun during the final stage in the course.
  3. There is a possibility of a lower number of firearms and vehicles.
  4. There’s no way to change the graphics. Perhaps it will be with the coming update.
  5. Insufficient realism because of recoil of the gun being low. (Try playing CS Go with AK47 to get a better understanding of recoil.)

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite Vs. PUBG Mobile – Key Changes

Game Comparison PUBG LITEFull PUBG Mobile
Game Size491 MB2000 MB
RAM is required2 GB Ram3-4 GB Ram
Amount of Players60100
Map SizeSmallLarge
Gun RecoilLowHigh
Player InjuryLowHigh
Match Duration10 minutes20-30 mins
Graphics SpecificsLowHigh
Amount of GunsLowerHigh
Device rageMobiles that are low-endHigh-End Mobile
Available FromAndroidAndroid & IOS
pubg mobile lite download

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