PUBG Mobile Lite: What is OP, HP, GG, and more

While playing the game, a lot of players like to speak such short-form mean abbreviations, which gamers people do not know, although in this post you will know the meaning of some commonly spoken short-form words like OP, HP, TPP, JOD, TPP, FPP, TDM, GG and others related to PUBG Mobile Lite. And also about why it is called.

And if you understand the meaning of these short forms, then now you can easily command a player in the game during this time, with the help of the short word, whenever a player uses these short forms, it also seems very attractive.

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What is the Meaning of Callouts/Abbreviations Like OP and more?

OP – OP usually means “over powered” and while playing this word game, player of the team or the team of the enemy in front is seen in good faith or they get to see a surprising scene or another great scene, then that player should be called OP is called by.

HP – HP means “health point” but it is called by the players during that time when the players have low HP points ie health which is damaged by other players on their team then they are called in such a way that “your HP is low”

GG – Speaking GG means “Good game“, but it is used very rarely and this word is usually used in tournaments or other support, when the game of play store goes well while playing, they are called GG. because their game is addressed as a good game.

TPP – It is used for A “Third Person Perspective“. And usually the view you can see in the cam is also the TPP of the character, which we can change in the free mode now, FPP is also available in PUBG and BGMI.

FPP – FPP is a “first-person perspective“. After enabling this FPP MODE in the game, you only see the character’s gun scheme, along with some part of the hand, and in this, you get to see the amazing view, although it is still in pubg mobile lite. Not available to date but it can be used by config.

JOD – “JOD” is a noun “JOD” that just means ” GOD”. The expression “JOD or wot?” refers to “God or what”. It is used whenever you can’t imagine what you’ve just witnessed. This means that you’re asking the person who made an incredible shot if the person is an actual God in the game or not.

PUBG Mobile Lite: What is OP, HP, GG, and more

Often players play their games better and play in tournaments, multiplayer games and other sports tournaments, during that time these words are mostly used and from such an abbreviation, the player or his team is commanded or called.

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