How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite 2022

How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite – A Battel coin (BC) is required to get the winner pass, Lucky Spin, and Create Opening in the game. And if you have to buy Bc, you will be able to know how to purchase PUBG Mobile Lite BC with the help of this post.

There are many ways to purchase Bc in PUBG Mobile Lite, you can buy BC from the game too. But there you get much more expensive BC Therefore, you have to purchase from the existing site below, which will enable you to buy BC cheaply.

Most players buy 280BC for the winner pass, which you will be able to do from here.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Buy Bc Coin

By using Moo Gold for PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase, I am going to show how BC can purchase cheaply.

Note: PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in India. So we do not advise the player to download or any other purchase in India. This method is not for Indian players.

  • First, go to PUBG Mobile Lite Moo Gold And Login in.
How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite
Select currency
  • Select the country above according to your currency.
select amount
Select Battel Coin ( BC )
  • Choose bc according to your budget and its price will be visible as soon as you select it below.
fill details
Fill player id and more details
  • In the first column, copy the player’s PUBG Mobile Lite id from the game. And paste it and put the player nickname in the second column and select Buy
  • Fill in your name and last name in the next column, then select the country and submit the order
Pay Payment Any Method
  • Pay through one of the payment methods of existing Paytm, Net Banking, UPI, Debit cards etc. And your order will be completed

After this, BC will transfer to PUBG Mobile Lite account after 5 to 10 minutes. And its purchase receipt will be found on your email id.

FAQ Of PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase

Top Bc Purchase Website of PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG Mobile Lite has the most popular Midasbuy website for BC purchases, However, there are more like Midasbuy, SEAGM, Moo Gold etc.

PUBG Mobile Lite BC Redeem codes?

So for your information, tell me that the game does not claim it That BC Coin is available from redeeming code, just getting an outfit, gun skin etc. is possible but BC is not available
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