How to Get Free Criminal Bundle In Free Fire (2022)

In Free Fire, players often like some bundles very much, some of them come with criminal bundles like green and red criminal bundles and purple bundles, etc. This free fire user often wants to be in the ID and, in this post, we will talk about the bundle, how to get the bundle, that you can get the bundle with the redeem code, all the information related to this will be known in detail.

Free Fire Top Criminal Bundles In 2022

If seen in this way, top (criminal) bundles are available in Free Fire, but here we will talk about Free Fire Criminal Bundle, and also know about the name of all (criminal) bundles which are currently available in Free Fire till 2022.

Free Fire Top Criminal – Bundles

  • Red Criminal
  • purpel Criminal
  • Green Criminal
  • Yellow Criminal
  • Blue Criminal Bundle and more

How to get free Criminal bundle in Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

To Get Green Criminal-Bundle or any (criminal) Bundle or to take out (criminal) Bundle, you don’t currently have any option, but although Garena gives a good opportunity to its user, maybe you will get back If you get a chance to take other (criminal) bundles but can come in more new criminal events, which you will get to see inside the event.

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You can easily take the (criminal) bundle that you have come from the event option, although it is currently available and for download. (criminal) Bundles Available, You Can’t Take From Any Store Or Any Existing Create, Spin and etc.

How to get Free Criminal bundle in Free Fire (2022)
  1. Can the Criminal Bundle in Free Fire be redeemed with codes?

    Free Fire Garena provides redeem codes for its users, but any items that come with a redeem code such as a rare outfit set are not bundled but are simple and fit, simple items that you can buy from a Redeem code. You can get but Rare Bundle like Criminal Bundle Redeem Code can not be taken from you. user Id can be lost.

  2. Which is the most popular bundle in the free fire?

    The most user-liked bundle in Free Fire is Red Criminal Bundle, followed by Green’s criminal as it’s just arrived

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