How To Leave A Clan In PUBG Mobile? Easy Step-by-step Guide To Leave Any Clan 2022

How to leave a clan in PUBG Mobile is recently one of the most asked questions by PUBG Users. Here are the steps to remove yourself from a clan in PUBG Mobile.

In the game, it is usually preferred to have a Clan somewhere in the Clan because, in the game, players usually like to live somewhere in the clan. Because a clan keeps all the players connected to the same group in many ways. And the name of that group is a clan in the game.

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The Leader of this clan, co-leader, and elite manage differently with other access. All the players can stay in this group, and the Leader gets many types of access.

Steps to leave a clan in PUBG Mobile

  • Click on the clan menu options
  • After, Click on the member section option
  • Click on the broken shield next to the clan name in pubg
  • Click on the gear icon if your clan and you are the clan leader 
  • Then confirm the exit and leave button on the pop-up game screen

The Leader can kick out any player, any player can join, and this same work also does the co-leader, to Leader also has access but cannot remove clan.

How To Leave A Clan In PUBG Mobile? Easy Step-by-step Guide To Leave Any Clan 2022

There are some benefits of joining a clan because all the rewards are included inside the Clan. You get them after completing the current mission of the clan. This is how much time you paint in your clan in that clan that rewards you accordingly. are also provided.

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