How to increase popularity in PUBG Mobile lite for free

How to increase the popularity in PUBG Mobile lite. Users will know about some tricks and all the information so that players will be able to know very well, how to increase the popularity in PUBG Mobile lite quickly.

The popularity option in PUBG Mobile lite is currently added in the last few updates. this popular option is seen in the ID of every player. that is

Whenever users open the profile of a player’s ID. on the left side Popular to us like a fire icon, that is. shows the popularity of that player.

Whenever any player gives you a gift during popularity, your account id shows the contributors, your top ten fans, who have given you a popular gift, and with the help of these, you can also know your friend who has given you the Popularity.

Best trick to increase popularity in PUBG Mobile lite for free

To increase Popularity quickly, whenever you play with a player or with a friend, or play with any of your close team, then the existing players have to request that it is your Popularity.

And you can also give them a popular change instead of popularity so that your id popularity will increase quickly.

Whenever you ask for popularity from a friend or a player of an unknown team, first of all, do not ask for the popular, first of all, make him a little excited, then encourage him or make him a little interesting for yourself so that he happily gives you popularity.

Who is No 1 in PUBG popularity?

  • #1 – GoD Praveen YT
  • #2 – BAJWAGaming
  • #3 – MoAyeshYT
  • #4 – MZ MELIH
  • #5 – BrUtaL
How to increase popularity in PUBG Mobile lite for free

How do I make my PUBG Lite popularity private?

  1. First of all, open your game, after opening the game
  2. You have to go to your profile section, after going to the profile section.
  3. You have to open your profile, after that you have to click on the edit option
  4. There you have to go to the profile display. The above detail option will be enabled
  5. You have to disable it, so that no one can see your popular, it remains private.

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