PUBG Mobile Lite BP to BC converter – BP and BC generator are fake?

PUBG Mobile Lite BP to BC converter, generator Is online bc transferred to PUBG Mobile Lite ID? How BP and BC converter works, Know this but also that BP to BC exchange is possible and we can collect bp in PUBG Mobile Lite for free.

BP is a currency in the game, which is counted in the battle points during the game, although there is a lot of difference between bp and bc, there are bc coins which can also be taken for free, but BP coin is available only for free.

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PUBG Lite BP and BC generator

PUBG Lite BP to BC converter - BP and BC generator are fake?
img via BC generator

Players are interested to generate both BC, and BP ​​generators, and this site is available on the internet, On whom it is falsely claimed that BP, and BC generator works, and I deny this. That BP is not possible with any tool or app, apk in BC is free.

PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC
How to get free BC (Battle Coins) in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.23.1 version

It is possible to get BC for free, it can also be obtained by watching ads in the game, however, it is fake to get bc in free from a third-party app or another source for free.

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BP to BC Converter

BP is an inexpensive battle point that can be obtained from Asana for free and is used for crate opening, purchase, and BC purchase, Which is expensive and you can buy Outfit, Crate, Lucky Spin, and rare items from bc, and BP to BC Converter cannot be done with any app or app, it is fake.

PUBG Lite BP to BC converter by APK gets game id/Account banned?

Friends, Know that converting bp to bc is not possible in Pubg mobile lite, id can be banned by doing this in any way.
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